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  • We Care Club Membership - digital lockets by evermée
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We Care Club Membership

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We care for our loved ones.
We care for our planet.
Do you, too?


✔️ Upgrades your jewelry from 1 to 5 memory slots
✔️ Retires carbon from our planet every month
✔️ Get premium features first (voice, video, ...)
✔️ Free for the first 6 months
✔️ You can cancel anytime

How We're Fighting Climate Change

in partnership with

We Care Club
Provides Us With Funds

We Care Club Memberships continually provide us with funds to fight climate change.

Effect: Offset your jewelry's carbon footprint and make offsetting more expensive for immoral companies.  

We Use Funds to Buy
Carbon Credits

We buy credits from KLIMA that represent carbon emission offsets (created by climate projects).

Effect: This increases the price of carbon credits and makes us owners of carbon emission offsets.

We Feed Credits
Into KLIMA Infinity

We feed our purchased carbon credits into the KLIMA treasury that funds climate projects. 

Effect: Wicked companies cannot buy or use those credits anymore to whitewash their emissions cheaply.

We Burn
Carbon Credits Forever

We destroy our purchased carbon credits on certain events throughout the year and update you about it. 

Effect: Offsets your jewelry's footprints and new credits have to be created through climate projects.