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18k Gold Plated - Crystal Edition

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How It Works & FAQ

Key Features

Scan this necklace by tapping your phone against it.

✔️ no battery
✔️ no charging
✔️ no radiation
✔️ standard comes with 1 free memory slot
✔️ remotely change photos anytime, from anywhere

Works with iPhone 7 or higher and for 95% of all Android phones. If in doubt, you can google if your phone is nfc compatible.

We Care Club

✔️ Upgrades your jewelry from 1 to 5 memory slots
✔️ 25% off future purchases
✔️ Retires carbon from our planet every month
✔️ Get new features first (voice, video, ...)
✔️ Charged every month
✔️ You can cancel anytime

Materials & Quality

All necklaces come with an adjustable chain that has 3 length settings: 18"; 20" and 24". All of our jewelry pieces contain a passive NFC chip that enables the technology behind evermée.

Our Dreamland edition is crafted from high quality brass and plated with a generous layer of 18 carat gold. The center is made with a unique artificial crystal stone.

Hassle-Free Returns (30 Days)

Not sure what to expect?

Try evermée at home – return shipping is on us and we'll refund you 100% in the first 30 days.  

Buy With Confidence

Secure payments: We accept Paypal and all major credit cards.

Excellent Customer Service: Ask us anything and we'll be happy to help!

Honest production: We're producing in Bali under fair working conditions and pay above average salaries

Best prices: We're online based and have significantly lower cost than offline companies

US warehouse: We are shipping from florida, usa


It's All In The Details

MATERIALBrass, 18k gold plated
CHAIN LENGTHadjustable to 18"; 20" and 24"
TECHNOLOGYcustom nfc tag, water+life proof
DESIGNdreamland edition
fILLINGunique artificial crystal stone
gemstone necklace

How We're
Fighting Climate Change Together

We Commit Funds 
From Each Purchase 

Goal: Offset your jewelry's carbon footprint and make offsetting more expensive for immoral companies.  

We Use Funds to Buy
Carbon Credits

Effect: This increases the price of carbon credits and makes us owners of carbon emission offsets.

We Feed Credits
Into KLIMA Infinity

Effect: Those credits cannot be used anymore by companies to whitewash emissions cheaply.

We Burn
Carbon Credits Forever

Effect: Offsets your jewelry's footprints and new credits have to be created through climate projects.