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  • B2B Invitation - Digital Locket - Crystal - digital lockets by evermée
  • B2B Invitation - Digital Locket - Crystal - digital lockets by evermée
  • B2B Invitation - Digital Locket - Crystal - digital lockets by evermée
  • B2B Invitation - Digital Locket - Crystal - digital lockets by evermée
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B2B Invitation - Digital Locket - Crystal

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Congratulations, you've been invited to become an exclusive retailer of our products in your region!

This invitation means you're going to receive a sample of our product in the upcoming days so that you can try it out and see for yourself how it works and what the customer experience is like. 

Once you're ready to discuss further details, please reach out to

Key Features

Scan this necklace by tapping your phone against it.

✔️ no battery
✔️ no charging
✔️ no radiation
✔️ standard comes with 1 free memory slot
✔️ remotely change photos anytime, from anywhere

Works with iPhone 7 or higher and for 95% of all Android phones. If in doubt, you can google if your phone is nfc compatible.

Materials & Quality

All necklaces come with an adjustable chain that has 3 length settings: 18"; 20" and 24". All of our jewelry pieces contain a passive NFC chip that enables the technology behind evermée.

Our Dreamland edition is crafted from high quality brass and plated with a generous layer of 18 carat gold. The center is made with a unique artificial crystal stone.

The Fine jewelry line is handmade with ethically sourced, 100% recycled Sterling silver. Gold vermeil editions are lavishly plated with 24 carat gold. Inside the fine jewelry line, there is a genuine gemstone that can be freely exchanged by opening the clasp of the necklace.

B2B Information

MATERIALBrass, 18k gold plated
CHAIN LENGTHadjustable to 18"; 20" and 24"
TECHNOLOGYcustom nfc tag, water+life proof
DESIGNdreamland edition
fILLINGunique artificial crystal stone
gemstone necklace

Your Sales Contribute to Real Change

in partnership with

We Commit Funds 
From Each Purchase 

Goal: Offset your jewelry's carbon footprint and make offsetting more expensive for immoral companies.  

We Use Funds to Buy
Carbon Credits

Effect: This increases the price of carbon credits and makes us owners of carbon emission offsets.

We Feed Credits
Into KLIMA Infinity

Effect: Those credits cannot be used anymore by companies to whitewash emissions cheaply.

We Burn
Carbon Credits Forever

Effect: Offsets your jewelry's footprints and new credits have to be created through climate projects. 


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