evermée grants a warranty on all of its products and jewelry ("Products") that have been purchased through an authorized distribution channel. As of now, the only authorized channel is our evermée online store. We warrant that, for one year after original purchase, our Products are free from material defects and workmanship under ordinary use by the customer. In case a defect in the Product is identified during this warranty period, you may return the Product according to our return policy. To the extent permitted by law, evermée will either

  1. repair the product using new or refurbished parts at its own expense
  2. replace the Product with a new Product that is equivalent to the defective Product
  3. refund to you the whole or parts of the Product. 

evermée shall not be required to replace, repair or refund before the defective Product is returned to evermée. From the date of replacement or repair, any replacement Product will continue the remaining warranty of the original Product or institute a new warranty period of ninety days, whichever period is longer. In case of a refund to the customer, the returned Product goes into evermée's ownership and property.

This Limited Warranty provided by evermée only applies to Products manufactured by evermée. evermée cannot grant any warranty on products purchased through any unauthorized channels.This Limited Warranty cannot be granted to Products damaged by accident, abuse, misapplication, misuse, or use of non-evermée products together with Products manufactured by evermée. Using non-evermée memories or charms can result in the damage of evermée necklaces. The consumer cannot be granted any warranty in case of exposure of evermée Products to harsh environments or chemicals, since they can negatively impact the appearance of the Product. Such harsh environments or chemicals can consist of liquid silver polish, swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. Please read carefully through evermée's product care guide in order to understand how you can protect and care for your evermée Product. Failure to adhere to this guide may constitute misuse, misapplication, or abuse of your evermée Product. 

This Limited Warranty does not affect your rights of applicable law and may not affect you directly. 

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