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The Night Sky Collection*

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What Others Say

I got the aurora locket from my boyfriend and every time he changes the photo on it my heart literally stops. It's like the butterflies in my stomach never stop ❤️

digital locket review

- Celina

My childhood bestie cried when she saw the photo in the memories necklace of us as kids on the swing. I like to surprise her with new memories and it's way more special than just sending a photo on whatsapp. It's cool how this moved us closer together, even though we're living in different states now.

digital locket review

- Anna

Thanks you guys – my mom finally stopped wondering whether we kids still loved her or not lol. It was really hard on her when I (her youngest) moved out recently. She definitely suffers the empty-nest-syndrome, but every time we send new photos into her memories necklace, she's just so happy.

digital locket review

- Mira

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Our Memories Necklace Carries The Same Safe Technology That Credit Cards Use For Contactless Payment.