The Story of evermée

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"We are two best friends who were both looking for romantic gifts"

Allow us, our names are Jonas and Gerrit.

We were both brought up in the same little German town and have been close friends ever since.

We both started surfing together and this quickly turned into a huge passion of ours.
Unfortunately Germany doesn’t really offer any waves and that's why we decided to swap our German homes for a VW van to spend a few months together in a van in the South-West of France.

At the age of 24, we set out and continued traveling and chasing waves together for the following 4 years. Over time, we made Spain, California, Sri Lanka and Bali our new homes.

But how did two surfers end up making tech jewelry?

About the Idea

"We simply couldn't find what we were looking for, so we created it ourselves!"

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Right at the beginning of our journey in France, Jonas met his girlfriend Steph who immediately joined us on our travels. 

Yes, this meant that Gerrit had to third-wheel for about 2 years until he finally met his better half Dani for the first time.

And then Christmas 2017 came along.
Like many boyfriends out there, we weren’t sure what gift we could get Steph and Dani.

Jewelry came to our minds first, but simple jewelry wasn't special enough to us. We wanted a truly unique gift that allowed us to share our best travel memories with our girlfriends.

All of a sudden an idea popped into our head – how about we get a locket, so that we can gift them memories AND jewelry?

We quickly realized that old-fashioned lockets aren’t what we were looking for because they are limited to one single photo memory. Since we have so many incredible memories to share, we needed something new. Something interactive. Something that has it’s finger on the pulse of the time.

We browsed the interwebs for hours and hours.

No luck. 

We simply couldn’t find what we were looking for, so we decided:
“Let's revolutionize the locket ourselves.”

We went to Bali, found a small local jeweler we liked, and worked on our prototypes during the following 9 long months. 

On time for Christmas 2018, we had finished our first versions of evermée and were finally able to gift them to our girlfriends and they absolutely loved it.

Now it's your turn!

Join us on our journey and turn your memories into the most romantic gift out there.
Let's celebrate memories together with our best friends, girlfriends, moms, daughters, and anyone you love.

Our Mission

We want to help you create and cherish memories together with your loved ones.

 We would absolutely go out of our way to reach this goal, except...

...when it comes to our environment and
...fair working conditions.

Jonas and Gerrit believe it's possible to run an ethical business with a low environmental footprint while still offering fair prices and high quality products.

We like to fall asleep with a good conscience at night, which is why we pay a lot of attention to how our lockets are produced. You'll find us visiting our production center several times a week in order to check how things are going.

Us taking care for the lockets we produce also means we are making sure that your memories end up in the best jewelry possible. 

And at the end of the day, all we have left is memories, which is why they are so valuable.
Make yours count by sharing them!