The Story of evermée


It all started in the head of one person - our CEO Jonas.

In late 2017, Jonas was in search for a romantic christmas gift that he could gift to his girlfriend. And it wasn't in the (online) shops, but in his head where he found the perfect gift. He had the vision to buy a locket, but he wanted a modern one. A locket that fits into our era of time.

Why a locket as christmas present?
Because it's personal, romantic, and thoughtful. 

However, the old-fashioned lockets ones didn't tickle Jonas' fancy, so he browsed, and browsed, and browsed the internet countless hours in search for a more up-to-date version of a locket. Unsuccessfully. 

That's when the idea for evermée was born. 

He told me, Gerrit, his childhood friend and traveling partner about his struggle and explained that with today's technology there should be more unique ways of recreating a modern, fashionable locket. 

Then we set out for a mission. To revolutionize the locket. 

In March 2018, we moved to Bali and went to work. We found a small local jewelry shop to collaborate with, tried out many many different approaches in terms of designs, materials and technologies, and failed dozens of times. 

Six months of relentless work later, we held the first visually satisfying prototype in our hands. 

Elegant on the outside, personal & romantic on the inside. 

And now we are setting out to bring our unique creation, the revolutionized locket, to your home. 

It's the perfect gift in every aspect and for many different occasions: Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries...just to mention some of them. 

And now it lies in your hands to continue writing this story with us!

Every single smile and hug our necklace accomplishes out there means the world to us, and we are very keen on hearing your story.

Feel free to post into our Facebook group or to send an email to us

Thank you for your support,

Gerrit & Jonas