How $99 Saved

My Relationship!

Guide: How To Save A Relationship

A while ago we ran a contest and asked people to share their love story.
We wanted to find out why they bought an evermée locket and what they used it for. 

David was amongst the contest winners.

Here is his inspiring story about how $99 saved his relationship:

How did you find evermée?

I kind of accidentally stumbled across evermée at a time when my relationship was struggling.

I'm not talking about these little everyday fights that everyone has – we both were feeling like our relationship was truly falling apart.

We had been dating for almost 4 years and at some point of our relationship, everything had somehow turned South.

She blamed me for little things and I blamed her for the same.
We'd both get angry at things or habits we used to love about each other, and we constantly fought over trivial things.

After most fights, we couldn't even remember why we fought in the first place.

In essence, she felt like I wasn't trying to make her happy anymore. And the truth is that there were times where I had given up a little bit and cared less than I should have.

Sometimes the daily routine gets to all of us and we lose sight of who we once were or who we always wanted to be.

What happened next?

Well, at some point, I decided to escape the situation and visit my parents by myself for a few days. Essentially, I just needed time to try and figure out the roots of our problems.

Questions like

"What have we become?"
"Why are we really fighting?"
"Is my relationship worth saving?"

came to my mind.

In the end, I figured that life is what you make of it.
Nobody but you, David, is in charge of your life and how much you enjoy it.
Life really is like a mirror, like they say.

Nothing is handed to you.
Even in a mirror, you'd have to reach out to hand yourself something.

What did you do to save your relationship?

You can't expect to receive positivity and energy from your relationship if you don't invest the same.

I decided then and there to give my relationship all I have, without any hesitation.
I decided to re-discover the things about my girlfriend that made me fall in love with her.
I decided to blow away all the clouds and tiredness of day-to-day life (that I let into my mind in the first place).
I decided to give Laura time to re-discover things about me as well.
I decided to turn my relationship into a source of happiness, positivity, and strength for the both of us again.

So I went online to find something to gift to my girlfriend that would also remind me of my newly found mindset.

And that's when I stumbled across evermée and thought

"Wow, that's perfect!"

And what a special gift this was.
Not only to her, but to myself and my relationship!

Let me tell you why.

relationship locket mother daughter
relationship locket gemstone

What did you do
with your evermée locket?

Ha, what did I NOT do with it?

I'm just joking. 

I went back home, armed with one of your lockets, a bunch of flowers, and a heartfelt letter containing my thoughts and recent realization. 

Laura liked the flowers and agreed with everything I said in the letter. It brought tears to her eyes and made her smile, because she instantly recognized my attempt at saving us. She saw that I was serious.

And then I gave her the evermée locket. 

What did she say about the locket?

At first sight, she looooved her evermée.
She loved it for the jewelry and its design, though.

When I told her that she doesn't really know what it is, she looked quite irritated.

"What do you mean, I don't know what this is?
It's a necklace. A super beautiful necklace to say the least."

She said that she understands the meaning behind it and that this is meant to manifest my new mindset. And that she wants to walk this new path with me.

Without any words, I pulled out my phone and tapped it against the locket.
The photo of our very first date night magically popped up on my phone screen.

She was surprised, confused, and touched at the same time.
Tears rolled over her cheek and she started to laugh.

While sniffing, she asked"What just happened here, Dave?"

I told her that it's a locket, showed her how it works in detail and ever since, Laura's been wearing it. Every. Single. Day.

But that's not where the story ends.
Not yet. 

relationship locket 1

Open The Evermée App
On Your Phone

relationship locket 2

Touch The Gemstone
With Your Phone

relationship locket 3

Your Photo Appears
On The Phone Screen

relationship locket 4

The Jewelry Stores
What She Holds Dear 

What was the effect on your relationship?

We both decided to make an effort together to save our relationship.

With this decision, things like date night every Tuesday came into our lives and we managed to spark the fire between us again. I swear, we are the biggest fans of each other now. 

We included your locket as some sort of game as well.

Before every date night, I'd upload a new photo into her locket and you can't imagine how many good laughs and hugs we've had over this. Romantic memories, silly photos, and rather strange selfies – you name it.  

Her evermée is our little love messenger now.

And wherever we go, Laura won't shut up about this locket and our story. 

But I guess I'm no different since I share this story with you for no apparent reason. 

But again, that's what I love so much about this damn little locket.
It turned us from hating each other to sharing our love story together. 

The best 99 dollars I ever spent, thank you!

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    Does it work with my phone?

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    How do I get my photo in there?

    It's super simple – you can upload (or change) your photo through a simple link you receive via email or by using our official evermee app. 

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    Not sure which design to get your or partner or daughter?

    Tip: Just ask her best friend!

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