More Information

What You Receive 

The evermée smart locket contains

  • one pendant of your choice
  • one adjustable chain to give three lengths (23.5" - 25.5")
  • one handmade gemstone that carries your photo memory
  • free insertion of your photo into your gemstone

The gemstone memento is interchangeable by another evermée gemstone (more specifically another photo memory of yours). 


Who is evermée made for?

The evermée smart locket is for you if you are looking to make a personal and 100% unique gift to somebody you love ... or even yourself!

Be it

  • anniversary celebrations,
  • birthdays,
  • Christmas,
  • a meaningful wedding gift,
  • a surprise for the mom of a newborn child,
  • your best friend moving away,
  • celebrating a new job that you just got
  • just because you feel like it today :)

These are just some ideas to gift jewelry with actual memories!

Let us know what special memories you commemorated with your smart locket. Simply use #evermee on Instagram to share your story with us.