• Download the evermée app.

  • Scan the gemstone
    of your necklace with your phone.

  • Your photo memory appears
    on the screen of your phone.

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    When and how do I upload a photo into my Locket?
    - After placing your order, you'll receive an "access code". Inside our app (available for iOS & Google Play), you can enter the access code to manage your necklace. The app guides you through the upload process and you can select any photo from your phone library.


    How can I change the photos remotely?

    - You can always use the "access code" described above to change the photo remotely.


    How many photos can the necklace hold?

    - You can upgrade you necklace to hold as many pictures as you wish. Upgrades are available on our website and inside the app.


    Is the necklace waterproof?

    - Yes, there is no electricity involved and you can treat this necklace as you treat any other jewelry - with care :)

Video of friends scanning the necklace