Smart Lockets

A Step-by-step guide

How Do I Upload
A Photo Memory Into My Locket?

The creation of your personal smart locket explained in 3 steps.

Create a Smart Locket

Combine your favorite pendant with your favorite gemstone. Choose from 32 different designs. 


Upload Your Photo Memory

After purchasing your locket, you will receive an email with a custom link. Follow this link and simply upload your selected photo memory there. 

evermée Immortalizes Your Photo

We take your purchased smart locket and assign your immortalized photo memory to the gemstone you selected. We do not have the ability to access your photo memory - what's yours, is yours!

In the next step, we'll ship your smart locket to you and provide you with a tracking number.

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You Received Your Smart Locket - What's Next?

Can't wait to see what photo is on your gemstone?
Here are the next 3 steps to recollect your photo memory:

Download evermée app from iOS app store or Google Play

Go into the app store of your phone and download the "Evermee" app. There is no "é" in "Evermee" so that you don't have to track down this funky letter like you're (a female) Sherlock Holmes. 

Get it on 
Google Play - App Store

Android Users - Enable NFC

Before or after downloading the Evermee app, everyone with an Android phone will have to go into their phone settings and activate NFC. You can simply type "NFC" into your phone search and should be able to find it.

Click on the enable bar.

Take Gemstone
Out Of Pendant

After downloading the app onto your phone, please take your gemstone out of the pendant.

Your smart locket works best when the gemstone is placed outside of your pendant (and away from metal).  

Recollect Memory With App

Open the "Evermee" app and follow the instructions on your phone screen. 

Recollect your memory by placing the gemstone on the backside of your phone. 

Once you hit the sweet spot, your phone will magically display your uploaded photo memory. Once you know where the sweet spot of your phone is, you can place your gemstone straight there and the photo memory which is stored inside the stone shows immediately. 

Watch How The Locket Works