The evermée new-age smart lockets are unique and we often get asked how uploading a photo of your choice into a gemstone works.

Don't worry, we made the order and upload process really easy for you!

Here is how you can order your own smart locket and receive it to your home with your photo inside the gemstone already.

About the purchase process

  1. Purchase a smart locket with a gemstone of your choice.
  2. Upload a photo through a link you receive via email from us.
  3. We transfer your uploaded photo memory into your gemstone and send your personal smart locket to you (typically within 2 working days).
  4. Recollect your photo memory by hovering your phone over your smart locket.



About the smart locket

  • Once you own one evermée pendant, you can collect several gemstones. 
  • You can interchange the gemstone of your pendant with another gemstone.
  • Each gemstone you own carries one memory.

Half moon necklace gold exchangeable gemstoneopen evermee necklace