Hi There.

After you have scanned your jewelry for the first time, you can 
upgrade your evermée by following these 3 easy steps.

Let's Go

Download the App

Step 1.1: Download App for IOS/Apple or Android.

Step 1.2: Open the evermée app and click log in or sign up.


Access Jewelry

Step 2.1: Enter home screen.

Step 2.2:
Click on the settings icon in the top right and then "My Addons". Click "Add Addon" and enter your access code inside the app.

Access Code

If you own several evermée jewelry pieces, please find the related access codes inside the email "Thank you for your order!" that you received after your purchase.

Step 2.3: Inside "Your Collection" select your newly added evermée jewelry and follow the steps inside the app to upload photos.



Step 3.1: Share the Access Code with your loved ones to allow them to upload & edit photos.*

Enjoy your Evermée Jewelry :)


Everyone who has the Access Code of your jewelry piece can change the photo inside.