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How Much Should I Spend On An Anniversary Gift?

 Anniversaries are truly special events, in particular to women.

It's the day where she expects you to show her in one form or another how much she means to you.

It's like celebrating that you've just finished building another step of your stairway to a joyful life together.  

This often leaves men wondering what they could do to express their appreciation for this wonderful woman in their life. 

And more often than not it all starts with these questions – what can I buy for her and how much should I spend?

Over time, a traditional formula has manifested when it comes to the budget you should set for anniversary gifts.

Anniversary years x 50.

    Is this your first anniversary, a budget of $50 is considered appropriate. 

    Is this your second anniversary, you should look at spending around $100 on your gift.

    For the third anniversary, a gift worth $150 is appropriate and so on.

      What Is a Good Gift?

      Only you can decide what the best gift for your woman is. 

      However, science has a few recommendations for you:

      The best gifts are useless.


      Yes, useless.
      Not worthless, though.

      The message behind this is that you shouldn't necessarily gift something purely useful.

      No blenders or vacuum cleaners, you hear me? 

      Rather aim to gift something that carries an intrinsic value for her. Something that has an emotional impact. 

      The best example of such a gift is an experience.
      Unique experiences are the new definition of luxury.  

      Also, try to gift something with a personal touch.
      Women always appreciate a gift that has been made exclusively for them or is recognizably theirs and theirs only. 

      Just like you are.

      How to Avoid Gifting a Bad Gift?

      In general, it's safe to assume that your woman values your expressed love more than your actual gift. 

      This should take some pressure off your shoulders. 

      But it only counts up to a certain point.

      Here is a secret: Women define bad gifts by the thoughts behind it.

      So ask yourself - is your gift in reality something that is intended to benefit you?

      Here are two short examples of bad gifts and the thought processes behind them:

      - Lingerie: You want her to wear this for you.
      - Baseball season tickets: You want her to come along.

      Although those gifts might be expensive, the thoughts behind them are from selfish nature. 

      What can you do then?

      Here is a good way to make sure she is going to love your gift:

      Get her something that tells your story.
      A story about the things you have experienced together.

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