How Evermée Jewelry Works

  • How to scan my jewelry?
  • Where is the scanner on my phone?
  • What is my jewelry capable of?

How to Scan Your Jewelry

Step 1:
Open the free Evermée App
on your phone

aurora locket necklace google play
aurora locket necklace apple app store

Available on iOS and Android

Step 2:
Scan the memory stone
with your phone

Step 3:
Your uploaded photo appears
on the phone screen

No battery, 
no charging necessary!

No radiation,
passive technology

Water & life

Our Memory Necklace Carries The Same Safe Technology That Credit Cards Use For Contactless Payment.

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About The Jewelry's Capabilities

Standard comes with 1 photo

All of our jewelry comes with a standard of 1 free photo slots. Upgrades are available.

Digital upgrades available

Want more photos in your jewelry? No problem! Upgrades are available through our We Care Club membership. 

Update photo from far away

You can update the photos inside the jewelry from far away whenever you want.

Have A Question?

Get in touch with our friendly support team.

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