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Gift Her Jewelry That She Has
Never Seen Before

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Fine Jewelry Infused With Your Love

"I loved it even before knowing about the photo, but when I saw the picture and the message I felt so loved and cared for.
I can't stop wearing it!"

Ready For Her Surprise?

There is technology hidden inside this necklace
& it carries your photo!

Open the
evermée app
on your phone

Touch the gemstone
with your phone

Your uploaded 
photo appears
on the phone screen

Her evermée
jewelry stores
your most precious memory

Surprise her with
the locket's hidden ability

Upload your photo + personal message into her gemstone

Surprise Her Big Time

"More Than Normal Jewelry"
3 Anniversary Gifts In 1

+ Beautiful Jewelry
+ Personal Photo Memory
+ Surprising Experience

Make Her Smile

Handcrafted Fine Jewelry

Made From 18k Gold & 925 Sterling Silver

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She'll Love The Classic Design

You can't go wrong with a classic, minimalistic design.

Important: This price is an Anniversary Special and only available limited time!

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ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL – shop this black pearl edition with 50% off compared to our offline retail price.
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