About Our Jewelry

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Honest Production

We are visiting our production in Bali several times a week to ensure that our quality standards are met and that our workers are happy.  

We only use 100% recycled silver of the highest quality in order to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Our Quality

Every gemstone is handmade and our materials are ethically sourced from the best suppliers in the world.

We use 100% recycled silver to run a carbon-neutral business.

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Fair Price

We are based 100% online and sell directly to consumers. This allows us to use the same jewelers that luxury brands use, but at the same time avoid the traditional 10x mark-ups. 


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A Word From The Founders

"We want to inspire you to create and cherish memories together with your loved ones.

We would absolutely go out of our way to reach this goal, except when it comes to...

...our environment and
...fair working conditions.

We believe it's possible to run an ethical business with a low environmental footprint while still offering fair prices and high quality products to you. You'll find us visiting our production center several times a week in order to check how things are going.

We care for each and every locket we produce – which also means we are making sure that your memories end up in the best jewelry possible.

And at the end of the day, all we have left are our memories.

Your memories are invaluable, so make them count by sharing 'em!"