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30% Flashsale on Special Edition – Inspired By TikTok Followers
30% Flashsale on Special Edition – Inspired By TikTok Followers
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30% Flashsale on Special Edition – Inspired By TikTok Followers

About the Special Edition (TikTok)

We've received a ton of comments on TikTok & Instagram asking for a more economical version of our locket. Now we're creating the necklace you asked for! Our Special Edition is dedicated to our social media followers and will be made from high-quality brass and filled with unique white resin patterns.


About the Jewelry & Technology

The special edition inspired by our TikTok followers works the same way our 925 Sterling Silver or 18 carat gold ones do. The only difference is that it's made from brass and unique white resin that has its own, unique pattern.

The NFC technology inside this necklace is passive and doesn't have a battery – yet it works perfectly.

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How The Necklace Works

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Celina D.

I got the aurora locket from my boyfriend and every time he changes the photo on it my heart literally stops. It's like the butterflies in my stomach never stop ❤️

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Anna B.

My childhood bestie cried when she saw the photo in the digital locket necklace of us as kids on the swing. I like to surprise her with new memories and it's way more special than just sending a photo on whatsapp. It's cool how this moved us closer together, even though we're living in different states now.

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Mira G.

Thanks you guys – my mom finally stopped wondering whether we kids still loved her or not lol. It was really hard on her when I (her youngest) moved out recently. She definitely suffers the empty-nest-syndrome, but every time we send new photos into her memories necklace, she's just so happy.



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