Turquoise Sky Locket Necklace – Turquoise Gemstone

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About the Turquoise Locket Edition

The Turquoise locket is as light and uplifting as the sky is on a sunny day without any clouds. You may see a dot from a star or an airplane here or there, but it's mostly clean. The Turquoise locket radiates refreshing feminine energy and stands for loyalty.

About the Jewelry & Technology

The genuine gemstone of your Turquoise locket necklace has its own, unique pattern. Our jewelers sand and polish each gemstone by hand and embed it in 925 Sterling silver and 18 carat gold vermeil pendants. 


The NFC technology inside this necklace is passive and doesn't have a battery – yet it works perfectly.

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 18 Carat Gold Vermeil

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turquoise locket evermee gift memories

The best gift ever!!

I got the turquoise locket from my boyfriend and every time I look at the photo on it my heart literally stops. It's like the butterflies in my stomach never stop ❤️


It's All In The Details

MATERIAL925 Sterling Silver or 18k gold vermeil
CHAIN LENGTHadjustable to 18"; 20" and 24"
TECHNOLOGYcustom nfc tag, life proof
DESIGNturquoise sky

Produced in Bali – shipped from Florida to your doorstep.
Your order arrives within 2 - 5 days.

How The Digital
Locket Works

How The Turquoise Locket Necklace Works

aurora locket green malachite video

This edition was named Turquoise Sky due to its varying colors and clarity.

How to Scan Your Memory

Open The Evermée App
On Your Phone

Scan The Gemstone
With Your Phone

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aurora locket necklace apple app store

Available on IOS and Android

Your Photo Appears
On The Phone Screen

aurora locket necklace google play
aurora locket necklace apple app store

Available on IOS and Android


About The Turquoise Locket

evermee jewelry honest production

Honest Production

We are visiting our production in Bali several times a week to ensure that our quality standards are met and that our workers are happy.  

We only use 100% recycled silver of the highest quality in order to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Our Quality

We take pride in the high quality of our products. It's what defines our brand.

We work with pure materials and exclusively use genuine gemstones in our production process. Every gemstone is hand-cut and our materials are ethically sourced from the best suppliers in the world.

We use 100% certified and recycled 925 Sterling Silver for the standard version of our memories necklace. For the Gold Vermeil version of the Turquoise locket, we plate this 2.5 microns of luxurious 18 carat gold.

turquoise locket evermee

Special Touch

The Turquoise Locket isn't your standard necklace.

It's made for extraordinary people who see the beauty in unique and rare things.

Not only is it made from premium materials – we also subtly worked NFC technology into the necklace by hand, so that the necklace can carry a photo of yours.

This gives it a personal touch and makes your necklace even more unique than it already is.

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