Women's Day Gift Ideas for Every Woman in Your Life

by priyanshu rawat
Women's Day Gift


  • Introduction
  • When and Why The Women’s Day is Celebrated?
  • The Perfect Women's Day Gift Ideas
  • Gift For Mother And Sister
  • Cook a meal
  • Write a letter
  • Gift Ideas For Girlfriend And Spouse
  • Make her smell good!
  • Who doesn’t like to read?
  • What about a lunch/dinner date?
  • Gift Ideas For A Friend
  • A touch of beauty
  • Get her the tickets
  • A Gift Loved By Every Woman
  • Summary
Women's Day Gift Ideas For Her

“Where there is a woman, there is magic.”
Ntozake Shange

e it your mother, sister, friend, wife, girlfriend, or any other woman who is special to you!

Some woman will always be dear to your and will have a special place in your heart.

Women help us grow mentally, physically, and professionally, and at times unknowingly.

So why don't we appreciate them enough for their incessant efforts and dedication towards us?

Though materialistic things can't buy real happiness.

Still, these things can be a reason to bring a smile to their beautiful faces.

So, let’s look into some of the best Women’s Day Gift Ideas that you could give to the superwoman in your life.

When and Why the Women’s Day is Celebrated? 

Each year on the 8th of March, Women's Day is celebrated across the world.

This day is dedicated to commemorate women’s achievements and success in all fields.

Women’s day also acts as a medium to raise awareness about the struggles that women face until this day.

The Perfect Women's Day Gift Ideas

Gift for Mother and Sister

Women's day gift ideas

Cook a Meal

What can you give a mother who has everything?

So, take over the kitchen and cook a yummy lunch or dinner for her.

And make sure that she has a dessert to finish the meal.

This could be a fun project for both grown-ups and young kids.

If your mom’s fussy about who uses her kitchen, you can make a soup, lasagna.

Or another dinner that can be frozen and presented to her at a later date when she doesn’t feel like cooking.

On the other hand, for your sister, what can be better than taking her out to the new fancy restaurant in the town.

Write a letter

Unlike other women in your life, your mother and sister are the ones who lived with you for the longest.

Therefore, they crave your love and emotion.

A letter is the sweetest thing you can gift your mother and sister this Women's Day.

If you don't feel like writing one.

You can always buy a nicely written letter that conveys your feelings and emotions flawlessly.

But we'd genuinely recommend writing the letter yourself by putting all your heart.

Gift Ideas for Girlfriend and Spouse

Women's day 2021 gift ideas

Make her Smell good!

Women of all ages have a penchant for fragrances.

Because fragrances make women feel special.

A trait of feminism is that they love fragrances that smell like a Dream.

So, on this special day, you can consider gifting your better half a nice perfume.

The perfume doesn't necessarily need to exorbitant but should have a fragrance that would amplify the smile of your woman.

When it comes to perfume, there are innumerable brands available in the market that can be considered.

From Gucci to Zara to a local handmade perfume, you can pick anything that would suit her personality.

Who doesn’t like to read?

A perfect gift that would inspire and help them grow is a book.

When it comes to choosing a Women's Day gift, nothing would be better than a book.

The giftee doesn't need to be a bibliophile to receive this gift.

A nicely picked book would be enough to grab the interest of even someone who hates reading.

So, go ahead, and find a book that would be a perfect gift for the special woman in your life.

A plethora of options would be available in online stores or at a nearby book store.

What about a Lunch/Dinner date?

In today’s world where everyone is super busy with their life.

A Gift of time is an irreplaceable gift that really stands out.

Consider taking your special woman out for a nice lunch or dinner to her favorite restaurant in the city.

This small gift would cheer them up and would be enough for her to realize her importance in your life. 

Gift Ideas for a Friend

Women's day gift

A touch of Beauty

A vanity box might be the right Women’s Day Gift for a friend.

As almost all women are obsessed with makeup.

They just can't get over the fancy things that come in a Vanity box.

This gift of beauty might be the right way to appreciate your friend's efforts in your life and her feelings for you. 

Get her the Tickets

Who doesn't love a Great Movie? Funny Standup? Live Music?

No one, Right?

Thus, to win the heart of your friend, gift her the tickets to her favorite live show or movie.

We'd recommend you join her too for the show.

As above the tickets, your company might be something she would need while watching her favorite live comedy show or that romantic movie.   

A Gift Loved by Every Woman

Women's day gift ideas

There’s nothing like a perfect gift.

As different women have different tastes.

Therefore, finding a gift that would be perfect for every woman might be a cumbersome task.

But what if you can find a Women's Day Gift that every woman in your life will surely adore? Yes, gifts like these exist.

At Evermée, we call it the ‘Gift of Memories.'

Every woman is known to have a special place in their heart for the best memories they have ever lived.

Scientifically, researches have also shown that women like to ponder over the past wonderful memories.

So, think, what if you can give them a chance to live these memories everyday and make their everyday a Women's Day.

At Evermée, you can find a memories necklace that is an exquisite piece of jewelry with a digital locket.

The beautiful Gold/Silver necklace will allow your special women to rejoice in the moments of togetherness through photos that can be stored inside the Gemstone of the necklace.  

Watch How The Memories Necklace Works

Download the evermée app
(available on Google & Apple)

Scan the gemstone
of your necklace with your phone.

Your photo memory appears
on the screen of your phone.

memories necklace digital locket review


Among the innumerable Women’s Day Gift Ideas choosing the right gift for the special women in your life is not that easy.

Especially when that gift will be proof of your love, emotions, and feelings for her.

But still, if you look in the right direction, you'll find something that would be just right for your superwoman. 

Find The Perfect Gift for the Women's Day At Evermée!