Winter 2018 Giveaway Coming Up!

Winter 2018 Giveaway

We are about to officially launch our evermée store and to celebrate this special event, we are hosting a fantastic giveaway for you!

You will be able to enter our giveaway for free and can win the following jewelry prizes:

  1. Our golden necklace + enchanted gemstone - worth $299
  2. Our silver necklace + enchanted gemstone - worth $179
  3. One of our gemstones - worth $109
  4. A silver necklace base without gemstone - worth $69
  5. A gift voucher of $20 (guaranteed!)

Since we are super excited to finally bring our revolutionary jewelry to the world after countless months of hard work, we decided that every single draw wins! 

And I'll let you in on a secret – the sooner you enter the giveaway, the higher are your chances of winning something. So make sure not to miss out the start! I'll be happy to notify you an hour before we launch this giveaway. 


Don't want to miss out?


The official start will be on November 20 at 12:01am (EST) and the giveaway runs until November 27 at 11:59 (EST). 


Why Are We Hosting This Giveaway?

You might wonder what makes us so special and why we are so excited, right?

Before I explain in words, please have a look at this first: 



Yes, you saw correctly. There is a photo memory inside the necklace and Jonas inspired the memory by hovering his phone the jewelry. It's as simple as that. 

We revolutionized the traditional locket.

A few months ago, Jonas and I (Gerrit) went on a mission to create the most romantic gift ever(mée haha). Jonas was in search for a birthday present for his girlfriend Steph and somehow couldn't find anything that he deemed good enough. You must know, he is a hooman with awfully high standards.

Simple jewelry is always a good gift idea and very nice, yes. But it lacks that personal touch. We wanted to create something that stands out.

This is why we added this missing personal touch by allowing you to immortalize a photo memory inside the necklace. Now you can gift a deeply personal necklace to someone you truly care about and they'll know that they are carrying a part of you close to their heart at all times. 

If this isn't romantic and elegant enough, we don't know what is :)

And now we are on a mission to spread tons of love out there. 

Be part of our story and don't miss out the start of our giveaway. The sooner you enter, the better your chances of winning something!


Don't want to miss out?

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