Why Recycled Silver Is Better

Why Recycled Silver Is Better


As some of the most valuable of our planet’s resources, precious metals are just that - precious. Since us humans have been inhabiting the earth, we’ve sought after these metals for centuries upon centuries to use as adornments of jewelry, ornamentation, trading, monetary exchange, infrastructure, and more.

Among all of the metals, Silver and Gold reign supreme due to their permanence and tarnish resistance.

Think of the pieces of jewelry you may wear on the most special of occasions, or the ones that you choose for your beloved… we reach to the Silver and Gold pieces because we know that they express quality, romance and beauty.

Throughout the ages, Silver use for personal ornamentation as jewelry can be seen in countless cultures around the world, and it still continues to this day to be a highly desired and widely utilized precious metal for our pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings and all the rest.

The commercial use of these metals have been pivotal in the way in which we operate in our modern world, with products, machines and processes relying on these metals for technological, production and everyday applications.

This is all to say, when we speak of Silver, we respect the importance of this beautiful earth-arisen material.

The way in which we use it must be aligned with this respect, as we need our silver, and it needs us. This is why we need to be mindful in our sourcing, production and consuming of precious metal material so that can we continue to enjoy these beautiful adornments for more time to come.


The Harm Caused By Regular Silver

To meet the demand of our precious metal love, the mining of these metals has dramatically increased in the past few decades. Environmental damage can occur in the three key processes that metal extraction and usage is done. This is in the mining, refining and the disposal of precious metals, such as silver.

During the mining phase, the removal of these metals can disrupt the earth as heavy machinery creates large open pits, which means the land needs to cleared and the natural wildlife and trees are affected. Contaminants from the mining process can also escape the mine and disrupt nearby ecosystems.

The refining process is where the purity is extracted from the ores, and in this stage the release of byproducts can affect the air quality, affect water supply and again, disrupt the ecosystem balance of organisms.

In the disposal of precious metals, the fine particles of wasted metals can enter the surrounding environment, or again, water and air.

To skip this entire process in favor of recycling used precious metals, we save the environment, and not to mention costs and energy, by cycling through unwanted and previously used silver to re-create into functional and quality designs.


evermée Uses Recycled Silver

The most conscious and innovative brands only use recycled precious metals, like 100% recycled Silver. This expresses the intention of giving back to the earth, and reducing waste and toxicity - something we can all get on board with.

We are proud to call ourselves amongst the brands that are not only conscious in using this completely recycled Silver, but also innovating with technology in a fascinating way.

Our stunning gemstone pendants are set with simple and sophisticated Silver embellishments on three different sizes of Silver chains. The pendants themselves are interchangeable to suit the preference of the wearer, and also to give some variety when they can collect all 5 designs that our gemstones offer.

This isn’t the real magic however; the unique quality of this pendant lies in the ability for it to actually hold a photo memory inside infused within the gem pendant.

It takes the classic photo locket to a whole new level, allowing the wearer to simply hover over their phone and a special memory will appear on the phone. This is why having a different pendant is an added element, as you can choose those different images to wear and reflect on.

Think about those truly special moments - weddings, experiences, celebrations, loved ones of all kinds - the sky is the limit with this enchanted piece of jewelry.

In short - this evermée necklace is a leader in the realm of intentional, conscious, earth-friendly and high quality Silver jewelry.

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