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What's a Locket Charm (Pandora Style)?

Today we want to find out what's a locket charm (in the Pandora style).

Therefore, we have to clarify a few things.

We'll also have a look at upgraded smart lockets from other brands.

But first things first.


What’s A Locket Charm?

A locket charm is usually a small piece of silver jewelry bead that you can place inside floating pendants. 

These pendants have glass covers on both sides that allow you to see the locket charms.

Brands like Pandora introduced these locket charms in 2018. Pandora's floating lockets can hold up to 5 charms.


old fashioned locket charm pandora style


What's the history of locket charms?

Regular lockets are pendants usually worn around the neck, but may also come in the form of a bracelet, ring, and more. 

While stuff about superstitions, seances, and voodoo seems to only exist in fictional books and films, charms are still making their way through the hearts and minds of the new generation.

As such, materials that ought to bring good luck remain popular.

Some of the most sought-after locket charms include four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, wishbones, gemstones, and some Chinese ornaments like the Bagua or Pa Kua.

Apart from the belief that charms invite good luck, early people, according to folklore, used these objects for protection or for casting off evil.

The fear of black curses and being physically attacked by demons anywhere made them embed these charms in their weapons and even jewelry.

What's A Locket Charm Made Of?

The charms from earlier times come from shells, animal bones, wood carvings, and stones.

Later on, the people began to believe that they could cast songs upon the charm in order to create a longer-lasting effect.

Until now, people continue to practice this belief by wearing locket charms. Thanks to this invention, anyone can conveniently bring their charms wherever they go and feel safe.

What's the Origin of Lockets and Charms?


history of locket charm pandora style


There is limited info about the origin of lockets, but they started to become popular in the Victorian Era when Queen Elizabeth wore it on many occasions.

A lot of people admired her so much that they began to adopt her fashion sense.

An old-fashioned locket has enough room inside for storing a photo or other small items such as letters and locks of hair.

Initially, people used lockets for utilitarian needs like carrying medicines, perfumes, and other articles. 

Soon, lockets came in the form of many shapes and sizes. Moreover, they made out of precious metals such as gold or silver. 

Lockets and charms mean more than other jewelry.

People can choose any design they want because it symbolizes something personal. People generally don't wear it randomly.

For example, a heart locket symbolizes love, while a prayer box holds a slide of paper containing the wearer’s prayers or wishes. 

Locket charms are customizable.

These attractive ornaments symbolize various things, and people still believe that they bring good fortune.

Until recently, the most modern jewelry piece ever created is a locket charm pandora, also known as a floating locket.

Until evermée appeared.

But we'll get to our innovative jewelry later.

What Is A Floating Locket?

A locket charm Pandora style or floating locket is a modern locket version of charm bracelets.

Until a few years ago, everybody only knew Pandora as the brand that produced bracelets.

Today, the international brand also has lockets with a glass cover. 
That's good news for everybody who loves necklaces more than bracelets or rings. 

Pandora's style of necklace is a trademarked line of jewelry made with chains and a stainless steel pendant showcasing a clear glass on both sides.

You can stack their beads as decoration and put the charms inside the locket instead of a photo. 

At Pandora, there are different sizes of floating lockets. The small to medium ones can fit up to 3 - 5 charms, while the big ones can fit up to 15 locket charms (pandora style).

The small lockets charms are called petite locket charm.

People are drawn to these types of silver beads because there are a lot of designs to choose from, such as birthstone/gemstones, icons, initials, and almost any symbol you can think of.

These charms make the locket unique, but not necessarily personal.


floating locket charm pandora style

Why Do People Use a Locket Charm?

In more ancient times, lockets were secretly worn as memorial jewelry.

They evolved into something else during the World War, when soldiers used it as a relic.

In today's time, people use locket charms to tell stories, symbolize relationships, and reminisce journeys and memories of their lives. 

For example, a very common occasion is to gift your daughter a locket for her graduation.

It lets people express themselves without saying anything to anyone.

Using locket charms is their way of celebrating love, friendship, fortune, career, and more.

At the same time, it marks what it means to remember and to mourn. 

Locket charms offer people a window to their past, a piece of item to remember those who passed.

In other words, these accessories are keepsakes and collectibles that are connected to personal memories. 

How Do You Use A Floating Locket Charm?

Today, locket charms have been innovated to match everyone’s style and are worn differently compared to other accessories.

Below, you'll find the steps on how to use a locket charm pandora style.

Opening The Floating Locket

First, take out the locket from the chain to add your preferred charms inside it.

Open the locket by pushing your nail into the small dent at the top outer edge.

Now that it’s opened, start adding the little charms you’ve picked out. Once you filled the locket with the locket charms, close it and make sure that it’s secure.

Finally, thread your locket back onto the chain. 


building locket charm pandora style


Adding Other Beads To The Locket

First, choose the locket and beads you would like to put on the chain.

The beads will also add special meaning to your necklace.

Second, thread the first bead on the end of the chain that doesn’t have the clasp.

Note that the first bead you will put will be at the top of the stack. Pull it until it reaches the pin.

The clasp will put the bead charm in position.
This way it won’t slide off the chain.

Next, add the other dots you like to rest on top of your locket.

Once you’re all done with the charms, add your pendant. Make sure that you do not thread it to the stack of charms. 

Lastly, hold the two ends and drop the chain that you started threading through each bead.

At this stage, both ends will stay together, and the beads will fall on top of the locket.

What Are The Alternatives To Locket Charms?


floating locket charm pandora style evermee


People believe that charms attract luck and that they are perfect ornaments to hold and channel memories.

Companies did a fantastic job of convincing the market that a locket charm would actually bring back the past. In reality, however, regular lockets do not provide a visual feel to satisfy that longing feeling.

As such, some people have started searching for something else and found a few alternatives to locket charms.

The most modern alternative of them all being evermée lockets.

Purposely crafted to carry and serve recollections of the past, evermée lockets are modish accessories taking you down the memory lane.

Subtly combining sophisticated design with a twist of tech, it surprisingly does the unimaginable. 

The hidden tech allows you to upload a precious photo in the beautiful locket, which you can wirelessly connect to your smartphone.

With just a gentle tap to your jewelry, the screen will display actual photo memories that you uploaded in the locket.

This makes it a touching gift to someone special to you.

Evermée jewelry is an ideal investment for people who collect limited-edition gemstones — Green Malachite, Black Pearl, Pink Opal, Red Jasper, Turquoise and more.

The pendant is made of 18 carat gold vermeil or 925 Sterling silver and may come in full or half-moon designs.

If you can't seem to find that unique gift for a special someone, why not create that gift yourself and make sure it's an eternal present?

As authentic jewelry of precious memories, evermée lockets are that rare modern keepsake one can hold close to their heart.

alternative to floating locket charm pandora style

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