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What to put in a locket for your girlfriend or wife?

Have you ever wondered what to put in a locket for your girlfriend?

There are a lot of lockets for girlfriend and you can certainly put small pictures in it.

However, there are also other things you can place in the little token of love.
Besides a picture, you can put charms or voice messages in the locket. 

Sounds a bit confusing to you, too?

Well, let's figure this out properly.


Traditional old fashioned lockets for girlfriend

First of all, there are the traditional old fashioned lockets that consist of a chain and a pendant.

You can open the pendant and it reveals some space for you to place a picture there.

When you ask what to put in a locket for your girlfriend or wife, you probably wonder what type of picture you should place in there, right?

We suggest that you prepare several pictures that fit into her locket. From time to time, you can secretly exchange the photos in there. 

At first, you could use a photo of you two.
Some other day, you could place a photo of her parents in the pendant.
The following week, you could put a photo of her own graduation or the graduation of her daughter in the locket.  

But what other things can you put in a locket besides pictures?


things to put in locket for girlfriend


Modern Smart Lockets For Girlfriend

Well, technology allows us to put quite a few other things in a locket besides pictures. 

Before we move on to the other things, though, we wanted to take a second to introduce smart lockets that allow you to upload a photo straight in the locket!

Here at evermée we modernized the old fashioned lockets by creating a subtle fusion between jewelry and technology. 


smart locket fusion


We embed NFC tags (the same ones that are in your credit card) into gemstones.

These NFC tags can carry a photo.

You simply need to open the free evermée app, tap your phone against the locket and then a photo shows up on the phone screen!


things to put in locket


Why is this way better than old fashioned lockets?

  1. You can actually recognize what's on the picture of the locket, because the photo gets displayed in screen size.

    Old fashioned lockets only carry tiny sized photos. 

  2. You can change the photo memory from wherever you are. You don't even have to touch the smart locket.

    You get an upload link that has direct access to the locket of your girlfriend or wife. When you upload a new photo, the photo on her locket changes.

  3. You don't recognize it as a locket, because it looks like normal jewelry. Ever wondered why girls prefer "normal" jewelry over lockets?

    Yes, because modern jewelry looks much better than chunky lockets. 

  4. It's new and unique, it's something she hasn't seen before. 


smart locket green malachite


Now back to the topic – what to put in a locket for your girlfriend?

We have covered regular and modern photo lockets. 

It's time to move to the lockets that let you put other things in it besides pictures. 


Jewelry Charm Lockets

These lockets work a little bit differently.

Charm lockets typically come with a chain and a glass pendant that works like a money box.

You can open the locket and put different charms into it.

Don't know what charms are in jewelry?

Charms are little ornaments that girls typically use as a decorative item for their bracelets or pendants. 

They come in many different forms and designs, from a heart to a star shape.

Usually, you place charms somewhere on the chain.


However, these lockets let you place charms inside the glass pendant.


smart locket heart


Voice Lockets For Girlfriends

There are a few, sort of redundant, voice lockets out there. 

You can think of it as a locket that carries a very short voicemail of someone. 

The girlfriend who owns the voice locket can listen to the voicemail whenever she wants. 

We are just wondering if she gets tired of hearing the same thing over and over again?

To round things up – we highly recommend you to create your own smart locket to keep your relationship fresh and interesting!

Our silver version of the black pearl gemstone locket starts at $99 already. 

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