Ways To Relive The Past

by priyanshu rawat
Relive the Past


  • Introduction
  • Reliving the past will benefit your health
  • Ways to Relive the Past
  • Photographs
  • Write to recall
  • Moment Exercise
  • Pair objects with incidents
  • Conclusion
Reliving the Past


et us imagine a situation, but it is relatable.

Imagine sitting on your favorite recliner, sipping a mug of hot coffee with your partner looking at a beautiful sunset.

Then you remember your own happy days when you, with your friends, watched the sunset after a long hike to a place.

That hike also made you remember some best moments you spent with your group of friends.

Those moments at that time can have heated arguments, fun activities, and some small tussles.

But altogether, it does count in happy memories.

You laugh at it and feel good after remembering all the events correctly while narrating it to your partner.

What we tried to tell you from this situation is that we all try to relive the past and beautiful memories.

And most of us take the mixture of happier and sad versions.

We discourage the saddest part, as it doesn't heal you in the long run.

Take the happier memories and relive them.

You will find that it makes you feel content with life and also makes your memory strong.

The dopamine of happiness runs in your body after you narrate your past to your children.

They may even find some fine life lesson to learn at the end of the day. 

Reliving the past will benefit your health

Reliving the Past

Do you know that relieving the past actually has health benefits?

It can reverse depression if it occurs, as the memories keep mental health at a good pace. Thereby reducing the chances of thinking negatively.

Talking about mental health.

Recalling happier memories makes the memory sharp and helps remember things.

That is a type of exercise for the brain to stay healthy.

Ways to Relive the Past

Well, we talked more about reliving memories and their benefits on mental health.

But what are ways by which we can relive the past in a more efficient way to cherish every sip of it like a glass of fine old wine?

There are some simple ways to relish past things without burning a hole in your pocket as we also consider financial life.

So here are some ideas: -


Relive the Past

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

Take photographs as they capture the memories, as simple as that.

Few may argue that by taking photographs, a person weakens his own memories.

But, we insist on taking them as they not only capture the moments but helps in recalling the events related to them.

For example, you took a photograph with your friends on a beach.

A few years later, when you look at it, you remember the incident where one of them looked at some attraction and spilled his drink afterward.

So, it makes you remember the actual event along with some other events related to it.

A perfect way to honor photographs is to store them.

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Write to recall

Relive the Past Memories

You can start writing a journal or diary to recall and relive the past and read whenever you feel like and narrate the same to the younger generation.

Writing a diary and journal helps in multiple ways; you can write your heart out.

After all, it is your own treasure, and you can also improve your writing skills with the same.

For example, you went to the mountains and wrote your experiences.

Years later, when you sit to recall in your style.

Eventually, you remember a stranger who helped with directions while on your way.

Writing helps keep the moments intact, and it becomes fun when you recall in your own style of narration.

Which invites more moments related to it. 

Moment Exercise

Reliving the Past Memories

Want to remember things but in more fun and practical way?

Then repeat the history!

We know it becomes difficult to arrange like your friends might be busy in their personal life and situations may change.

But there is nothing wrong with trying it out.

You can go for an annual dinner or a barbeque party with your friends who can make it and rest you all know.

Recall, capture, and relive the past moments again.

Another thing you can do is revisit the place with your friends who make it to the final cut.

You all went to a historical fort that stood across the sea in your youth.

If that place still exists.

Then plan for a second visit, go to your favorite spot where you all sat and cherished the beauty of the sea and posed for photoshoots; rest you know.

That's right!

Recall the funny incidents and of course, photographs are a must to compare how much you all have grown older. 

Pair objects with incidents

Relive the past

An old technique but works most of the time.

When you commute to the workplace in your car.

You can pair it with some moments associated with it.

Like a happy weekend where you drove with your girl gang to the tastiest food joint in the area or the first car which was bought with your first salary.

The main objective is to remember the incidents using any random object to associate the incidents.

It also helps in cherishing everything which you possess and stay happy and content with what you have. 

To End,

We talked about taking photographs in our ideas.

What if we tell you that you can wear the photographs and memories and take them always with you?

Also, a perfect lockets for girlfriends, spouse or a family member.

Well, to relive the past in a modern way.

At Evermée, you can find a elegant memories necklace which can store your memories that can be accessed through the mobile application with just a tap.

So, relieve the memories with some style!

With the ideas we suggested.

Above all, have a good sound sleep as it enriches your brain to cement the memories.

You can balance your past with the present to benefit the future.

The objective is not to recall but remember the things.

You recall the things, but you remember to relive the past. 

Relive and Cherish your Memories with Evermée!