Unique Valentines Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Unique Valentines Gift Ideas for Him and Her


Love tokens are really what Valentines Day has become known for. In the form of beautiful experiences to celebrate a partnership, as well as romantic gifts, it’s an occasion that all of us are more aware of and focused on when were in romantic relationships.

From the traditional love letter, chocolates and roses, the love tokens that are given in the modern world now are unique, unexpected and super creative.

The gift itself isn’t where the importance lies - it’s the intention and energy beyond the choice of gift and this expression of love.

It shows your partner that you know them and appreciate and adore them, and that this little token is just a small way to give them a hint of all of the love they deserve.

If you’re looking for something for your special man or woman for Valentine’s Day that is a unique gift to really show them this love expression, it can sometimes be a little difficult to see past the regular ideas and gimmicks that are easily attainable and normally given.

After all, you’re looking to express how unique this person is, and your feelings for them, so the regular gifts can fall short at times.

This is why we’ve compiled this guide to some of the most unique and romantic Valentine’s Day gift ideas for both him and her, so that you can have your imagination sparked and your brainstorming boosting, to find the perfect gift you’ve been searching for.

They’re unexpected, and at first perhaps not what you’d think, but perhaps more well suited to your partner than anything else you’ve thought of.

Personal Love Story

Does it ever feel like your relationship is a love story in the experiences you’ve had together and the memories you share?

Then this type of gift is a sweet way to express your appreciation for your partnership, and the nostalgia of your past experience.

This one is such a thoughtful gift because of the time and energy it takes to create. Your partner will really get a sense what has been most special to you, and the way in which you see the story of your love unfolding.

There are many ways you can make this - a hand-written book with or without photos, a digital book with photos and typed content, or use your imagination and find another way you can tell your story in a way they will understand.


Oil Diffuser with Personalised Oils

It’s a sensual experience to have rich and aromatic essential oils in the air, and the health benefits are also just an added bonus. We all appreciate delightful smell, and different fragrances really evoke specific and special states of mind and body.

Men and women alike will feel loved up with a gift of an essential oil room diffuser that can offer out the smell of any oil that’s being burned gently into the air.

To make this gift even more unique, you can choose a particular oil (or oils) that's personal to your lover. Oils hold many different meanings and are used for purposes of physical health support, calming, uplifting, and balancing any other emotional state.

Research yourself on the oils available, or even learn to make your own blend of multiple oils together.

Be sure to include a description of what the oil will do and how you have chosen it just for them.


An Enchanted Necklace - Evermée

This is a one-of-a-kind jewellery gift that is has never been created before.

When it’s the right jewelry piece, both men and women feel completed with an ornament of love and meaning adorned on their bodies. The simple and sleek style of this elegant necklace suits anyone who appreciates wearing finery infused with intention.


Create your own locket here


The intention behind this special Evermée necklace is similar to that of a photo locket pendant, though has been innovated with the ability to hold a picture memory without the physical photo.

The necklace comes in 5 different choices of gemstone pendants, all which can hold a different photo memory of the wearer’s choice.

Just glide a smartphone over the pendant and a photo will appear on screen, allowing the wearer to carry their treasured memory wherever they go.

The pendant is also set on a 100% recycled silver chain of three lengths. Give your love something they will have never seen before, and infuse a special memory forever more.


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