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The Ultimate Romantic Gift Guide for Men

The Ultimate Romantic Gift Guide for Men

Men need some romancing too, and when it comes to gift giving on any special occasion, it can sometimes be a little tough to think of what the right gift could be.

Even if you know your man well, when the time comes for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day and Christmas, it’s easy to think of those handy tools and every day gifts that are obvious, but let’s face it - a little boring and flat in the romance department.

When we wish to express some loving energy, that’s when we need a little help brainstorming some unique and exciting gift ideas.

So we’ve compiled a list of the latest and most popular romantic gifts for men that think outside of the box and innovate in new ideas and designs. After reading this list, you won’t be lost for a romantic gift for him again.

Pay attention to the last one, as you probably will have never seen or heard of it before yourself!

Canvas Memory

Beyond just a framed picture or album, this gift is a sweet way to gift a photo memory to your partner in a more artistic way. Sure, it’s not an entirely new concept to blow up a picture, but the creativity has been coming in more with certain designs and ways to now print onto canvas in a more interesting and sweet way.

Pictures can be layered, infused with art, digitally enhanced in different designs, and it’s super efficient to create online, or at a printing photo store where you can give it to the pros to create for you.


Different Kind of Scratch Map

These large poster maps are fun and interesting gifts to give, which brings back memories of world travelling as the owner scratches off certain countries and places they’ve visited.

To make this a more romantic gift for your man, create it as a couples scratch map, and reveal for him the places that you’ve been together. This one is an especially sweet gift for the adventurous partnership.


Unique Date Ideas

If your with a man who loves a little more quirkiness in his life, you’ll probably already sense this by the things that he likes to do with you. Have you been on some strange dates together?

If you both enjoy bringing some playfulness and intrigue to your dates, outside of the regular dinner and movie combo, then he’ll appreciate this idea. Create a book that has a whole range of unique date ideas that you wish to do with him.

Make it personalised to his interests and passions, and be sure to include that thing he’s been wanting to do with you for a while (hey, maybe go-karting will be fun for you too!).

Just like with the canvas, there’s some innovative ways to create books for gifts now, using online platforms, digital applications, or again, taking it to a pro.


A Locket Like No Other

To find a piece of jewelry that your man will love can be hard. As many men do enjoy gifts that have some kind of purpose, jewelry isn’t often the first thing we think of when buying a gift for our loved one... Until now! This is a unique necklace that suits both men and women, especially since the 100% recycled silver chain can be chosen from 3 lengths, as well as the pendant being interchangeable and collectable.


Don't know what to do?

Simply go ahead and create your own!


Why is this necklace different?

The simple design of the circular gemstone pendant expresses subtle quality that is also understated enough for a man to wear with confidence. More than that, this pendant has a hidden function most people wouldn’t guess.

The Evermée necklace brand infuses technology with style, and creates magic from that. When a smartphone is glided over the pendant, a photo memory image of your choice will appear. It’s like the modern conception of an old-style traditional photo locket.

The different pendants can all hold different memories, so when you get this gift for your man, you can choose a romantic memory for him, and also there are options to choose more and different treasured moment to hold in the locket.

To be able to show off this hidden function will be a big win for him, and to also have the sweet deeper meaning behind the ever-lasting digital memory is the ultimate expression for modern-day romance.




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