The Ultimate Jewelry Lover's Guide: Evermée Edition

by priyanshu rawat
jewelry guide


  • Intro
  • Types of Jewelry
  • Real vs. Artificial
  • Popular Types 
  • Things to Consider When Buying A Jewelry
  • Brand Reputation
  • Second Opinion
  • Expensive may not be the best
  • Research, Research, and Research
  • Know your budget
  • Maintaining A Jewelry
  • Keep the jewelry dry 
  • Keep gold jewelry separately
  • Wiping is must
  • Apply Nail Polish
  • Keep these in mind
  • Bonus Tips
  • Choose For An Occasion
  • Don’t Follow Trends 
  • Just Experiment
  • The Most Important Tip: Ignore The Other Tips!

earing any jewelry is awesome!


What jewelry to buy?

From where to buy?

Is it genuine?

How to maintain the jewelry?

Determining the answers to these questions; Is when the real trouble begins.

Don’t worry!

With a little research and some knowledge.

You can become an expert in Buying and Maintaining pieces of jewelry.

Whether the jewelry is a gift for someone or yourself.

Finding the right piece of jewelry is a crucial and cumbersome task.

As, you'd need to scrutinize the look, style, quality, and genuineness of the piece of jewelry.

At last, it is essential that what you decide is the best!

For your aid.

This Evermée Jewelry guide contains some useful pieces of information.

Just Keep Reading!  

Types of Jewelry

jewelry guide

Before purchasing any kind of Jewelry.

It is imperative you know about the several forms in which jewelry exists.

Crafted using exquisite but expensive metals like silver, gold, and platinum.

To embellished using stunning gemstones and precious diamonds.

Jewelry comes in infinite forms. 

Real vs. Artificial

Apart from real jewelry, costume or artificial jewelry is available in the market.

In contrast, to real jewelry, the costume or artificial jewelry looks exactly the same as real.

But cost less due to the absence of natural stones and metals.

Indulging in artificial jewelry is fun too.

Since wearers can wear such jewelry without any fear of being stolen or lost.

While getting the vibes of wearing a real piece of jewelry.

But for the connoisseurs of jewelry, there is no alternative to a piece of real jewelry.  

Apart from real and artificial jewelry.

Jewelry is sold in various forms based on different names, appearances, and uses.

The following are a few of the popular types: 

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Anklets
  • Rings
  • Watches
  • Earrings

All of these are widely popular.

The one you would like depends on your taste and personality. 

Things to Consider When Buying A Jewelry

complete jewelry guide

Brand Reputation

We all are aware of bigger players in the jewelry industry.

But the thing is, most of these big companies sell exorbitant prices for their jewelry.

So, it becomes important to know about brands that are genuine and sell affordable stunning jewelry.

When buying jewelry from a local vendor or brand, keep these questions in mind. 

  • Is the brand or vendor reliable?
  • Does the brand or vendor have trusted reviews online?
  • Does the brand or vendor provide a bill for the purchase?
  • How is the after-sales customer support?

Second Opinion

Many would struggle in buying a piece of jewelry for them or their loved one.

In such situations, don’t hesitate to ask a friend or relative for a second opinion.

Because my friend, the taste is subjective.

A piece of jewelry that is stunning in your eyes might not catch their attention.

So, make sure you have somebody around to get a second opinion. 

Expensive may not be the best

Our mindset coerces us to think that something expensive would be the best.

In reality, this might not be the truth.

Just because a piece of jewelry is expensive doesn’t mean- 

Research, Research, and Research

A precious piece of advice when buying a piece of jewelry would be to research as much as possible.

Whether it is consulting a jeweller friend or searching online.

Comprehensive research before buying a piece of jewelry can help avoid future regrets.

Often people are emotionally attached to a piece of Jewelry.

Thus, it becomes crucial to know everything in advance that concerns-

The brand, jewelry type, price tag, or authenticity.   

Know your budget

If it wasn’t for the money.

Who wouldn’t like to get an expensive diamond necklace or a gold chain?

Money is the root of many problems, people say.

When dealing with jewelry, if you spend more, you get more.

As simple as that.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to exceed your budget.

Thus, it becomes essential to decide on a budget that you wouldn't like to exceed.

Before you go jewelry shopping.

Review your financial conditions and set a budget that would be realistic. 

Maintaining A Jewelry

complete jewelry guide

There is always and will be a sentimental reason behind each piece of jewelry you buy.

Thus, preventing that jewelry from getting dull would be your prime aim.

So here a few tips on how you can maintain your beloved piece of jewelry. 

Keep the jewelry dry

Never wear a piece of jewelry after applying perfume, lotion, or hairspray.

Always keep your precious jewelry away from water to ensure long life.

Also, don't forget to remove the jewelry when going for a swim or to the sauna.

Keep gold jewelry separately

Gold has a soft surface. It scratches pretty easily.

So, keep any gold jewelry you have in a soft cloth or in the box it originally came.

Regular wiping

Cleaning your jewelry at the end of the day is important.

This ensures that no oil, dust, or moisture remains deposited on the jewelry.

Apply Nail Polish

If you wear any costume and artificial jewelry.

Then, make a habit of applying nail polish to the part which came in contact with your skin.

Keep these in mind

Some other things you should keep in mind to maintain your jewelry are:

  • Avoid leaving the jewelry in direct sunlight
  • Keep the jewelry dry and away from any skincare
  • Keep the jewelry away from wood

Bonus Tips

complete jewelry guide

Now that we have looked into the things you should consider while buying a piece of jewelry.

And the things you can do to maintain the jewelry.

Here are some bonus tips:

Choose For An Occasion

We want to stress again that price alone is not an indicator of vendors' product quality and integrity.

Moreover, it is also not the only factor you should consider while shopping for jewelry for any specific occasion.

Pieces of jewelry are always a great gift for occasions.

A gift of jewelry would bring joy to the receiver and can withstand the test of time.

Thus, choosing jewelry as a gift for an occasion is among the best gifts you could give.  

Don’t Follow Trends

Today, every other person we know is a slave of fashion.

These fashion trends often influence us in many ways.

But as a pro tip, we'd recommend that you should not follow the trends.

Especially, at the expense of your own personality and taste.

As in the end, you might lose yourself and trust us that's very expensive.

So, get your mind off from all the trends that are in the market.

Focus on your choice and instinct.

Choose and wear what you love and like.

Furthermore, you can always think about what color and type of jewelry.

That would suit your sense of style.

Go! Make your own trend. 

Just Experiment

Experiments in life are very important.

Even if it includes buying or wearing a new style of jewelry.

Try different combinations that you would not normally wear.

Add more accessories to the outfit like scarves, watches, bags, or jackets.

It might be possible that something might work, and this is what an experiment really is!  

The Most Important Tip: Ignore The Other Tips!

Break the rules!

Our most favorite tip.

Dressing up is fun.

It's your life, and you should be the one who decides what to buy and what to wear.

If there’s any piece of jewelry that works for you.

Then go for it!

At Evermée, we know how difficult it is to find a piece of perfect jewelry for yourself and your loved ones.

That is why we have come up with the memories necklace.

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memories necklace digital locket review

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