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The Ultimate Guide: How To Gift Women Jewelry

Gifting women jewelry - this is the best way to do it!

The search for suitable jewelry for women is often times a delicate matter for men. Not only do they have to meet the taste of the woman, but above all select the right moment to gift their jewelry.

And the greatest difficulty: how do you find the right size?

Evermée will not leave you alone with all these worries and will give you recommendations in this article on how to NOT waste your time and money unnecessarily.

Unlike other gifts, jewelry stands out, because it has an extremely high emotional memory value for women. Especially when you gift an engagement ring or an engagement locket like the evermée one – it's all about gifting it in the right moment.

But it's also about picking the right place - which could be:

  • the place where you met
  • her favorite place in the park
  • her favorite restaurant
  • or very comfortable at home

Think about the reasons why you want to gift her a piece of jewelry and on what occasion. This way you can attach importance to the present itself.

Keep in mind that the woman will always associate the moment and the occasion with the jewelry you are gifting her.


locket how to gift women jewelry


Gifting women jewelry - finding the right size

When choosing the size of the piece of jewelry, a lot can go wrong.

Be it necklaces or rings – you need to find out the appropriate size for the lucky woman.

Imagine standing on the rooftop of a fancy bar with fireworks going off in the background while she is trying to put on your engagement ring and ... it doesn't fit, because the ring is too small?

Let's better make sure this doesn't happen, huh?

When it comes to jewelry, there is only one right thing to do: Ask the best friend for advice. 

Not your best friend. The best friend of the woman who is going to receive the jewelry gift. 

If she doesn't know your dream woman's ring size yet, she will find out. 

If you are a little daredevil, you can also try to measure the finger size of your woman while she is asleep. This should feel pretty weird, though. Maybe for a good reason. 

Also, your plans will be ruined should the woman you are a relationship with wake up for some reason. 


How to gift jewelry to woman ring



Gifting women jewelry - finding the right style

Guess what?

The magic formula from above also works on styles and designs! 

The best friend can tell you so many things about what your dream woman likes, you probably don't want to hear it all

But when it comes to jewelry, you should listen closely.

For example, we offer our digital lockets in 4 different designs and 8 different gemstones. In total, you can choose from 32 styles – this can be too much variety for a man who is simply looking to surprise a woman. 

Conclusion: It's best to ask for help (again). 


how to gift women jewelry engagement ring size



Gifting women jewelry - finding the right moment


Now, here is something you best figure out yourself – when to gift your woman the jewelry?

Well, as we have mentioned above, there are a few common occasions like the place where you met, common favorite places, the favorite restaurant etc. These locations work very well for engagement jewelry like our digital locket. 

But if you are gifting regular jewelry, about any place will do.

It's the mood and words that make the gifting process so special. So why not carry the jewelry on you and just wait for the next fitting moment to gift your woman jewelry?

This could be after a long and meaningful conversation late at night in bed or during daytime on the couch – really, the place doesn't matter.

It's the beautiful moment that counts and that she will associate with the jewelry you gift her!


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