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The Latest Jewelry Trends For 2019

The Latest Jewelry Trends For 2019

For those that like to adorn themselves in the allure of jewelry, you’ll know that there are particular styles that are sought after and desired in different eras. 

Just with any fashion.

As we near the end of 2018 and approach the New Year, stay on trend with your jewellery collection with these 2019 styles that’ll have you craving to embellish your body in the beauty.

We’ll look at three key tastes that will be on everyone's lips (and necks!) in the coming year.

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Jewelry Trend #1 - All-Or-Nothing

This trend is continuing on from what we’ve already seen this year, though in a more pronounced way.

Basically, the all-or-nothing concept is based on two specific styles that seem contradictory, though make sense when we look deeper into the allure of the trend.


The All-Style

For the ‘all’ fashion, this means layering pieces in an almost over-the-top way, but with a chic-quality that doesn’t look like you just raided your friend's jewelry box and tried on every piece she owns.

Rather, it’s finding a blend and running theme in the pieces, so that the layers work, giving that elegant boho flair to your look. Think tasseled bronze chain necklaces including a choker, a mid-length and a longer hanging necklace all worn at once.

The same is done with any form of jewelry, though 2019 will definitely focus on the NBR collections - necklaces, bracelets, and rings.


The Nothing-Style

For the ‘nothing’ style, it’s not exactly wearing nothing, rather it’s the opposite end of the spectrum to what we just described. This is wearing very fine, delicate pieces and only that. Think gold-plated, thin and light necklaces of high quality materials, which really express regal dignity.

What both of these styles have in common - hence the all-or-nothing name - is that when you choose the all or the nothing, you choose and wear it with confidence.

It’s the ability to own wearing all of the pieces, or feeling completely enough with the finer, simple look.


Gemstone Lust

As we’ve also seen this year, gemstones came into the jewelry world big time.

Far beyond a sign that you’re spiritually inclined, wearing gemstones has become an intentional style choice, and also gives the wearer a sense of having more than just any pendant on.

For those that are drawn to gemstones for their meanings and healing properties, they are both a beautiful and charming adornment, as well as containing a deeper purpose and essence.

For the coming year, we’ll be seeing more gemstone jewelry in different collections beyond the average stone. There’ll be a focus on pastel-coloured collections, interchangeable pieces and layered stones set in intricate designs.

Read below for an innovative gemstone style that is definitely going to be a hit in the New Year!


The Innovative Keepsake

The first keepsake style jewelry was the classic locket.

Open the pendant and see a photograph of a loved person or memory inside. The romance of a keepsake gift has continued, even as the styles have evolved into what we most often see now as charm necklaces and bracelets to add and interchange depicting different commemorations of the past.

Now, infuse the locket memory and the charm concept together, and there’s an entirely new style about to hit the jewelry world, which changes how we express ourselves through our finery...


Jewelry trend 2019


A gemstone pendant set into a 100% recycled sterling silver chain, it immortalizes a photo memory in a way that’s never been done before.

The interchangeable gemstone pendants can be changed, according to not only the color, style and stone, but also the memory they hold.

Each pendant has been exquisitely crafted with the enchantment of being recognized by any smartphone that hovers over the piece, so the photo instantly appears on the screen to allow the wearer to reminisce on the treasured photo.

As of now, you can collect up to 5 gemstones to hold your memoirs of special people, places and experiences, allowing you to be flexible and fun with this new trend.

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