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The Best Jewelry Graduation Gifts

The Best Jewelry Graduation Gifts

Is someone in your life about to experience a special transition moment with their graduation? Whether it’s a friend, family, or partner, these unique moments in people's lives deserve to be celebrated. Graduations mark the occasion of one phase of life ending, and another new and exciting time beginning.


When you share your love and joy at your special person’s achievement, a graduation gift is a beautiful offering. No matter the graduation or age, from elementary school, to university, every graduate would appreciate a gift, and jewelry is a thoughtful and special offering to give that never goes out of style.


When you are choosing the right piece of jewelry, consider the age, life stage, preference and character of the person. There are different styles and pieces to suit everyone. We’ve found some special jewelry gifts to be a lasting keepsake for their very special day. Below are the top three jewelry graduation gifts that everyone would adore.

Gemstone Ring

Rings are sweet jewelry gifts that express a sense of subtle sophistication, especially when featuring a precious gem. The meaning of gemstones makes jewelry made of different stones more than just adornments, but also offer an intention to the gift. Make it a personal gift by finding a gemstone with a meaning that is relevant to the next phase in this person’s life. For example, if they’re going out into the workforce, perhaps a gem that offers an energy of strength and confidence will be just what they need. Now there are more modern rings that are being created that also suit a more masculine feel, for the graduating man in your life.


Engraved Bracelets

Personal and unique messages in jewelry are always the ultimate choice for people looking to really share a thought or feeling with their loved one. In the graduation setting, these jewelry pieces can have a message that really touches the person, making these kinds of bracelets a gift to treasure. There are many different engraved messages your could write. Some ideas could be to offer congratulations and express our proud you are of them, reflecting on what they did to get to this point. Another way to engrave is to point to the future and offer encouragement and inspiration for their next stage.



An Magical Necklace

These above examples of gemstones and an expression of a message are fused into our innovative new style of necklace that is a perfect choice as a jewelry graduation gift.

The evermee necklace is a pendant like no other. This modern locket is a new concept of necklace design that actually immortalizes a photo memory in a pendant, so the wearer is carrying with them a special image always.

When the wearer glides a smartphone over the pendant, a photo memory magically appears, allowing them to reflect on a unique moment in time. The pendants are also simple and elegant gemstone, with 5 different stones that can be collected and interchanged to hold different memories in each one.

What we love about this is that the 100% recycled sister chain, with a choice of three different lengths, also offers a mindful and conscious element to the gift. You can give this particular jewelry graduation gift in two ways, by infusing your choice of photo in the piece before you gift it to them (even as a surprise!) or by sharing what the necklace can do and allowing the receiver to choose their own treasured memory.

Graduation gifts really are an important way to mark the special occasion that hard work and time has been leading up to. Your loved one will appreciate feeling celebrated, and a jewelry gift never disappoints. With these styles above, you’ll surely find a personal and unique gift that’s just right for the person to commemorate where they’ve been, and inspire where they are going in life.


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