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The Perfect Graduation Gift for Your Daughter (In Law)

The Perfect Graduation Gift for Your Daughter (in law)

Here are two lists to find the perfect graduation gift for your daughter (in law) and the best graduation gifts for best friends.

Whether it be high school or college graduation gift ideas, we're bringing a very special and unique graduation gift for your daughter to you!

Whether your daughter is 25 or 35, her graduation will remain to be an epic event in her life. The same is valid for your daughter in law or your daughter's best friend.

Therefore, it is important to note that the graduation gift for your daughter (in law) should be memorable. It should always remind her how proud you are for her success, how much you love her, and your excitement as she proceeds to the next phase of her life.

When choosing a graduation gift for your daughter, you need to get her something meaningful, something special, and something out of the ordinary.

This graduation gift should be something she will reflect and remember tenderly years after she gets it.

Here are some of the amazing gifts to help you in celebrating her achievements and bright future.


graduation gift for daughter in law

Find this digital locket here. 


Graduation Gift For Your Daughter - Smart Locket

What is a smart locket, you may ask?

Well, it's the jewelry of the future.

Trends show that experiences become more and more important in our lives and give us a sense of luxury. Even more so than owning expensive material things.

But what is an example a smart locket?

We revolutionized the classic locket and took it into 2019.
Watch how it works here:


 graduation gift for daughter 

Each of our smart lockets can carry one single photo memory of your choice that you upload during the purchase process.

Simply hover your phone over the locket and voilà – the photo memory pop up on your phone screen!

Our suggestion to make this the perfect graduation gift for your daughter would be to upload a photo of her first day in school into the locket. 

Special occasions require special gifts and this certainly is a very special one.

Our smart locket is an indication of how special your daughter and your relationship with her is, and it’s a sign of how proud you are because of her accomplishment.

Besides, necklaces fit well to a number of clothing styles.


best graduation gift for your daughter


The easiest way to find a fitting locket aka the perfect graduation gift for your daughter is to create your own!


Graduation Gift For Your Daughter - Encouragement Book

Almost every graduate appreciates encouraging words, particularly if they are going to college where they will encounter new situations and meet new friends.

Therefore, you can buy an encouragement book as a gift for your daughter if she is heading to a college.

There are different types of encouragement books that you can find in online stores.

Some of the best encouragement books out there are “You are Doing a Great Freaking Job” by Workman Publishing and “The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss.

These books have hundreds of encouraging words and can be a perfect graduation gift for your daughter.


Graduation Gift For Your Daughter - A Heartfelt Book

best graduation gift for daughter best friends book

A heartfelt book allows you to express your excitement and pride in what your daughter has accomplished.

The best thing about this book is that you don’t have to be a writer to create these messages.

To write the content, you need to answer a combination of fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, short response, and long-response questions.

The book allows you to choose the questions you need to answer and avoid the questions you don’t need to answer.

You can also add some inspirational quotes, words of wisdom, and reflect some special memories.

Also, there is a dedication page in the book, specifically for thoughtful inscription from you as her parent. The book is customizable, and you can choose the font and book cover you need.

Furthermore, you can opt to leave some pages black to include handwritten messages and photos. 


Graduation Gift For Your Daughter - Personalized Care Packages

This is a great graduation gift idea for her if she has gone to study far away from home.

It's one of the graduation gifts for girls going to college that show your daughter that you are always thinking of her every time, even when she is not around.

You can sign your daughter to be receiving the best coolest care packages every month from Hip Kits, where you have a wide variety of kits to choose from.

These include holidays, iPhone accessories, movie nights, Trendy Gal, healthy choices, and other exciting kits.

Hip Kits makes it possible for you to customize your orders, by indicating the number of deliveries you need, the order you want the kits to be sent, and the dates you want your daughter to receive the gifts.

In addition, you can choose the personalized message you want to be added in every kit.

Most of the components in the kits are designed to improve concentration, relieve stress, and increase energy while at school.

You should note that Hip Kits also offers gluten-free and nut-free care packages.


Graduation Gift For Your Daughter - The Shiny Ones

Another great graduation gifts for girls going to college. 

Shiny gifts are best described as gifts that have a college swag, and they include hats, sweatshirts, books, and shorts, with the university’s logo.

These kind of gifts are very special since they honor your daughter’s alma mater, or indicate the beginning of her college studies. You can gift your daughter with a beautiful sterling silver ring with the university’s logo engraved on it.

Also, you can customize the beautiful piece of jewelry with engraved inscriptions on its inside and add her initials and graduation date to the sides.


Graduation Gift For Your Daughter (in law) - Legacybox

One of the best ways to celebrate your daughter’s major milestone in her life is taking her a tip down the memory lane with the Legacybox.

But first, what’s a Legacybox?

The Legacybox converts all your recorded memories, including photos, negatives, slides, audio cassettes, film reels, audio cassettes, and then digitally stores them on thumb drives and DVDs.

Whether your daughter is graduating from high school or university, she will have a gem of her family memories with her wherever she goes.


Graduation Gift For Your Daughter - Photo Frame

best graduation gift for daughter best friends

This can be a great graduation gift if she is graduating from college, as it is ideal for displaying her treasured memories while in college.

You can get her a fantastic handcrafted Church Hill photo frame, featuring the official logo or seal of her former college.

These photo frames come in different styles and can suit all the tastes and décor your daughter loves.

Thus, a college photo frame can be the perfect graduation gift to decorate your daughter’s bedroom or her new post-college apartment.

If you are searching for a unique graduation photo frame, then surprise your daughter with a modern Spectrum photo frame.

This photo frame features industry exclusive dimensional printing process.

This creates an eye-capturing textured inscription, raised school seals or logos, and elevated echoing designs in glossy inks.

Such photo frames will definitely wow your daughter.


So, Are You Still Undecided?

Well, this is understandable.

Obviously, we ourselves think that our experiential jewelry is the coolest and most memorable gift of all. But we may or may not be somewhat biased. 

Most parents have a lot of pressure when it comes to choosing the best graduation gifts for their daughters.

But, you don’t need to worry about anything.

If you are not 100% sure, whether your daughter will love your gift, then give her an eGift card from

This allows her to select a custom-crafted frame that she likes most. Whether she’d like to have a diploma frame, double degree frame, or a graduation frame, she will find the gift she needs.

Also, she can select her favorite decoration style, glass preferences, mat colors, and design a custom-made photo frame.

The best thing about these online photo framing choices is that your daughter can have an idea of her photo frame before purchasing it.

Therefore, she will have the assurance of loving the end product!

So here we are, not just showing you a good graduation gift, but a truly special and unique one. 

An evermée locket is the perfect graduation gift for your daughter. 


Best Graduation Gifts For Friends

Now let's go on to the next part – the best graduation gifts for your friends.

After we've covered the perfect graduation gift for your daughter, it's time to help out everyone who wants to surprise their friends on this special day.

As said before, the graduation of your best friend is a significant milestone in their life.

And the best way to congratulate a best friend is to cheer them in this once-in-a-lifetime ceremony and give them a meaningful gift during the party.

The best graduation gifts for friends in a parting event like graduation are personal presents that hold memories and last for a long time.

Some may want to avoid “graduation gift for friends” clichés, but this is something that you shouldn't mind.

After all, the intention is not to impress, but to give something worth-keeping.

And to reminiscent of your moments together.

But at the same time, you would like your pal or BFF to feel special.

As such, a simple gift card or another copy of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go,” will not suffice.


What's A Good Graduation Gift For My Best Friend?

best graduation gift for daughter best friends jewelry

For this reason, the best graduation gifts for friends appear to be remembrances and photo collages in sturdy and top-notch frames.

While we mentioned earlier that going for the usual is not something to worry about, you also want to send a message that the receiver of the gift is someone you treasure.

So let us help you with brainstorming about the best graduation gifts for friends that only strengthens your relationship.

Whether they are going off to college or moving away to find work, some inspiring and memorable gifts will help them find solace and motivation as they journey through different hardships this word has to offer.

With all of these in mind, here are some fresh ideas that could even be a good present if it was meant for your daughter. 


Evermée Digital Lockets

Digital lockets from the evermée collection are not on par with ordinary friendship accessories you can find in nearby stores or other online shops.

These lockets for women are way above ordinary bracelets and things like this. 

Defined as modern jewelry with a twist of technology, each custom locket showcases grace and unspoiled functionality.

The genuine gemstones in evermée lockets store a photo with the use of an NFC tag.

Evermée is currently the only store that offers jewelry incorporated with this kind of design and tech. 

So how does this work?

It is as easy as downloading their app and hovering your phone over the gemstone. The photo will then automatically appear on the screen.

You can also retrieve the picture as well as change them from time to time. 

The adornment is a customizable piece, which makes it easy to personalize.

Choose from four pendant designs in the collection: half-moon and full moon in gold or silver. In addition to this, you can pick from eight gemstones: 

  • White Howlite
  • Red Jasper
  • Turquoise
  • Pink Opal
  • Mother of Pearls
  • Black Pearl
  • Blue Lapis Lazuli
  • Green Malachite

With the above selections, you can catalyze a distinct jewelry gift for graduation to match your best friend's personality.

Gold and silver, on the other hand, are safe gift choices.

The price of Evermée lockets ranges from $99 to $359. 


Inspirational Life Guidance Books

best graduation gift for daughter best friends intimate

With all the uncertainties as graduates enter a new phase of their lives, graduation is still one of the most exciting events.

And being a best friend, you will always feel like it's your job to keep your friend encouraged.

You could only wish your words would be enough, and if there are any inspiring things out there, you'll jump in to get one for your BFF.

Hence, books are one of the best graduation gifts for friends.

It makes a meaningful graduation gift that will surely motivate, guide, and inspire friends as they head on to their next journey.

One ideal book as a graduation gift is “This Is Water,” by David Foster Wallace.

The book talks about how people should live a compassionate life and why they need to be aware of what's happening with the world.

It also talks about the value of real education and should not be all about a person’s level of intelligence.

Feel free to search for an extensive collection of books online.

You can find cheap but excellent second-hand books in your local shops.

Using a blank page of the book or slipping in a card with the most heartfelt message you can give will make the gift genuinely remarkable. 


A Commemorative Map of Their College Town

best graduation gift for daughter best friends map

Not only does this make a useful graduation gift for friends who are about to go off for college, but it also turns into an extraordinary memoir for college graduation.

A map of your college town makes a cute gift as it holds memories of the place you and your friends stayed at for a good number of years. 

Every college memory has a place, and what better way to remember a particular time in your life than by hanging a daily reminder of it in your home.

This simple reason makes commemorative maps as one of the unique and ideal choices for best graduation gifts for friends.

Too bad not everyone would realize it.


Best Graduation Gifts for Friends – Laundry Day, Piggy Bank

Another gift for your best friend are laundry day piggy banks.

Doing laundry can be a real drag, especially if it’s far from your apartment building. It would be best if you even had a spare change to do them. 

You don't need to smash laundry day piggy banks to get the coins inside.

This gift would work for friends who plan to get serious about saving up money.

It will remind them of how you scolded them whenever they splurge their money on things they don't need.

You can pre-fill the piggy bank with quarters before wrapping it up in a special cloth or a premium paper wrapper.

Don't forget to add a message on top, reminding your best friend to save up!


Graduation Gift For Best Friend – Magnetic Board

When you wish your pals to be a bit organized, you can tell them to stop for a while and fix themselves through a magnetic board gift.

A magnetic board itself, of course, is a boring present alone.

However, there are so many things you can do to make it the best graduation gift for your friend.

Some companies offer custom-printed magnetic boards.

You only need to submit the text, background, and a photo, then wait for the item to arrive.

But if you own a pair of artistic hands, DIY is the best way to go.

The golden rule here is to find a way on how you can personalize things.

You may create a collage out of your unforgettable experiences together, your favorite quote together, a collection of autographs, etc.

The possibilities to make this the best gift ever are endless!


Wrapping The Best Graduation Gifts Ideas Up

The key to a timeless gift is making it intimate and exclusive.

As such, you should find the right place where you can insert your sincere letter and best wishes.

Whether it is a magnetic board, a piggy bank, or an inspirational book, the best graduation gifts for friends will depend on how much you know about them.

But if you decide to take the art of gifting a step further, while making sure that the item is in earnest and eternal, go for Evermée friendship lockets.

It's one of the few things your best friends can hold close to their hearts. 

These one-of-a-kind lockets emanate a strong sense of thoughtfulness and value for friendship.

No matter how far you were away from each other, and no matter how long, this locket through the way it holds and shows precious memories will bring you and your best friend close to each other.


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