The 8 Most Beautiful Gemstone Necklaces

About Gemstone Necklaces

Gemstones have been an important part of the legends and myths of the human culture for a long time. Some believe that gems have special powers, while others believe that they can heal.

However, there is one thing that all these gemstones have in common—beauty.

Every gemstone has its special color, place of origin, and story. These stones come in different colors and originate from different locations across the world. Each of these gemstones has a unique creation of magnificent color. Today, most gemstones have been put into different uses, but most of them are used for beauty purposes.

Let’s look at some of these gemstones and their uses in combination with necklaces.


Red Jasper Gemstone Necklace

The red jasper gemstone is said to help stabilize moods, and almost everybody needs some every day. The properties in Red Jasper take control of your root chakra, and keep it within the positive, motivated, and nurturing energy. When you add more stability to your lower chakras, there is less possibility that the emotional turbulence of your higher chakras will overwhelm you.

If you worry a lot, then the Red Jasper gemstone should be your best friend. It will dim your constant thoughts, and help you to live, love, and sleep better.

This gemstone can comfort you, but you shouldn’t be fooled. It works by energizing and waking up parts of your body that feel inactive and sluggish. Its adrenaline rush will get the life force energy in your body moving.

Our Red Jasper Necklace is suitable for anyone looking to stabilize their mood, and keep their emotions in check.


Blue Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Necklace

There is one thing everyone needs to understand—spiritual enlightenment always begins with the self. And this is where the blue Lapis Lazuli gemstone comes in.

It can assist you to go deep within your spirit to awaken your divine purpose and true destiny. Well, this is an amazing job for an inactive object. However, this amazing stone has an ability to heal, and shine light on your soul.

The blue lapis lazuli gemstones are some of the most beautiful gemstones you can find in the market, and their price says it all. The more blue the stones, the higher their value.

It is said that the stones assist in relieving negative thoughts and anger, and also easing the frustrations that cause anger. These are ancient stones of royalty and resonate with your inner king or queen energy. In addition, they greatly assist in balancing the male and female aspects of one’s personality.

Our Lapis Lazuli Necklace will assist you to discover your real self, and achieve deep energy from within.


Black Pearl Gemstone Necklace

The black pearl gemstone has a beauty that is so different from white pearl gemstone.

But, do you know how these gemstones are formed?

These pearls are actually no pearls, but are rather formed by molluscs like oysters. The oyster creates a natural material called nacre, which is used to make these pearls. 

Black pearl gemstones have a unique history, and its symbolism is rooted in good fortune and natural rarity. Learning to wear black pearls is a good way to up your fashion game.

Our Black Pearl Necklace is nothing you will find someone wearing so ofter, which makes you stand out easily.

The black pearl gemstone necklaces are bold, and we recommend them to go-getters. But, they shouldn’t be so flashy—these gemstones are artistic, alluring, and dignified.


Green Malachite Jewelry 

The green malachite gemstone has a beautiful and vibrant green color, which no doubt, leaves their importance as a jewel. It has power and opaque strength, which demands respect from anyone wearing the stone. Yet, it has soothing and welcoming movement, energy, and flow in its circles, designs, and lines.

The Green Malachite gemstone is spiritually inviting.

Regardless of its lack of durability and low hardness, Green Malachite remains popular because of its desirable and unique color habit. Most of the green malachite gemstones have vein-like or banding color patterns, which makes them very popular. The most exciting and desirable pattern in these gemstones is the rounded and concentric eye-like rings.

Historically, the Green Malachite gemstone has been worn for healing purposes. Many people used it to protect themselves from the evil eye, and they gave it to their children to protect them from nightmares.

At evermée, we created Green Malachite Jewelry which catches everyone's eye and convinces through subtle elegance.


Turquoise Gemstone Necklace

This ancient stone is highly regarded in most civilizations across the world. The gemstone is very popular in ancient empires, including the Native American and Persian civilizations. Turquoise was the most popular gemstone used in ornaments.

The popularity of the turquoise gemstone still remains today, and it remains to be one of the most notable opaque gems. It is the only gemstone to be named after its exclusive color, and it remains trendy because of its distinctive turquoise-blue color.

Wear one of our Turquoise Gemstone Necklaces by your heart and experience its positive and healing effects, as well as life-affirming vibes. Its beautiful colors are a reminder that you should be happy every day and help in soothing the emotional challenges that might come across your way.


Howlite Gemstone Necklace

The howlite gemstone has lovely and soothing energy, which assists in alleviating stress, and it can assist in calming bad temper and anger. Howlite gemstones have very beneficial metaphysical properties, which assist people in dealing with aggressive or belligerent people. Their fantastic energy is known to calm both the wearer and the people he or she is dealing with.

The gemstone can be used for jewelry purposes, which means you can wear it as a locket or necklace. Wearing our Howlite Gemstone Necklace will make you notice the change immediately.

Howlite is an amazing stone for anyone seeking life’s spiritual side since it assists in removing all negative traits and energies. For better results, take care of your evermée. Protect it from acids and bright lights, as they can damage the stone in the locket.


Mother of Pearls Gemstone Necklace

The Mother of Pearls is the shiny, shimmering inner layer found in the shells of mollusks, just like abalones and oysters. It is said that the mother of pearls has healing properties, which has been valued for the longest time possible.

Wearing a piece of jewelry made out of mother of pearls can attract prosperity, stimulate imagination, and heighten intuition. It is also considered to be a gemstone of innocence, focus, and faith, and it was worn for sincerity and loyalty in ancient times.

It is believed that the mother of pearls has protective powers, and wearing it protects you from negative energies. If you have a shy young child, then you can get them our Mother of Pearls Necklace, which can be a source of their protection. Wearing such locket allows your child to experience the love and energy of their mother, even when she is not around. In addition, this jewel is associated with prosperity and protection.


Pink Opal Gemstone Necklace

The pink opal gemstone fills your atmosphere with peaceful energy and tranquility. This stone is very beneficial, especially if you are looking for emotional healing and keeping your emotions in check.

Sleeping with pink opal gemstones under your pillow or ever meditating with the stones over the heart chakra, bring compassion to your heart. In addition, it also encourages a gentle resolution to any painful memories or emotional occurrences.

On top of its healing properties, pink opal gemstones also encourage the release of fear, anxiety, and worry. It assists in dissipating stress and allowing one to be more calm and centered. If you mostly find yourself anxious or nervous, then try getting our Pink Opal Necklace, as this will assist in calming and soothing your nerves.


If you can't decide which one is the best for you, have a look at creating your own locket!

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