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The 5 most romantic anniversary gifts for her

The 5 most romantic anniversary gifts for her

Spoil your loved one with a romantic gesture of giving an anniversary gift that she’ll never forget. The first anniversaries are special milestones that can sometimes leave us wondering what the very best gift for her is.

Similarly, for the seasoned lovers, after years of exchanging anniversary presents, it can become a little harder to keep the ideas fresh and inspired.

The following five present ideas are unlike the usual chocolates and roses, but share a more thoughtful energy where she’ll really get a sense of just how special she is to you.

So with your love in mind, read through these top 5 romantic gifts that express luxury and passion. Pay close attention to number 5, as it’s not something you (or she) would have ever seen before…

  • #1 Silk PJ Sleeping Set
  • #2 Flower Subsciption
  • #3 Frame A Letter
  • #4 Spa Day With Friends
  • #5 Our Secret Tip - Something She Has Never Seen Before


Anniversary Gift Idea #1 - Silk PJ Sleeping Set

What about lingerie? Well, a little known secret with women and bedroom wear is this: she likes to surprise YOU with lingerie she has chosen herself.

It’s actually something many women love to do; pick out their own naughty night wear and reveal it to you as a surprise. Often women will enjoy this more than receiving lingerie that you’ve already seen in purchasing it for her.

What she would appreciate, and honestly make her feel very regal and demur, is a beautiful silk set of sleep wear. This unexpected, lesser-known gift idea will definitely win you brownie points.

It tells her ‘you deserve such luxury even when you’re sleeping.’


Anniversary Gift Idea #2 - Flower Subscription

Flowers are a standard choice when it comes to anniversary gifts.

However, this isn’t to say that flowers should be bypassed when you’re looking for a more special gift. There’s another way to make it unique. A flower subscription can be an unexpected delight for your love.

Sign up to have flowers delivered every week. You can begin with a bunch on the special day, and keep it a secret that there are more coming. When she gets yet another flower delivery, it tells her that you’re not just a one-gift-one-time kind of person, but actually think in the long-term, which is how a beautiful feeling to receive from a gift.


Anniversary Gift Idea #3 - Frame a Letter (or Your Vows)

If it’s a wedding anniversary, then take a copy of your vows (or a section, if they’re long) and digitally create a beautiful graphic with the words on a large-scale poster.

You can do this online, or take it to a printing store to create for you.

Put it in a high quality frame and gift it to her. The nostalgia, as well as feeling the thoughtfulness of the gift, will make any partner swoon. If you aren’t married, then you can do the same thing with any words that you've written yourself.

To be sure she knows it’s personal from you by putting her name and your name (‘To my dear… from your love…’) on the poster.


Anniversary Gift Idea #4 - Spa Day With Friends

No woman will ever get tired of pampering.

Spa packages are always a beautiful gift idea, and to spice it up by thinking outside of the box, try this: offer a spa day package for her and a friend/s.

She will love the fact that you’re not only thinking of her and what she loves (massage, facial, whole day experience at the spa etc), but that you’re also thinking of the people she loves to spend time with.

If you know her favourite people, you can put their name on it (her mum, sister or friend) or specify when you give it to her that this is for her and her friend (rather than her assuming the plus one is supposed to be you!)


Anniversary Gift Idea #5 - Immortalized Memories

Finally, a gift that she would have never seen before.


Because we developed something romantic that is so brand new, and already making waves in the world of jewelry. Gift her one of our magic necklaces - the magic of our gemstone necklace lies in the photo memory that each pendant holds.

It’s not only a stunning design of a single precious gemstone set into 100% recycled sterling silver chain, it does something that no necklace has ever done...

Just like magic, a single photo memory will appear when you wave your smartphone over the pendant! In this way, each necklace carries with it the romance of a special moment in time.

She carries it close to her heart, and can spark the image to see your immortalized memory before her eyes whenever she chooses.

What’s more, you’ll be set for future gift ideas, as Christmas and Valentines Day can be an opportunity to collect another gemstone pendant that can be interchanged on the stone, holding another special memory!

Create your own new-age locket here.

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