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The 3 Latest and Most Popular Jewelry Styles Explained

The 3 Latest and Most Popular Jewelry Styles Explained


The ever-evolving world of jewelry continues to surprise, excite and delight us with the creative styles that we see in our modern world. Adorning ourselves is not a new phenomenon - cultures all over the world have been putting different ornaments on their bodies since the dawn of time.

There’s something natural about finding beautiful things - whether in nature, or produced by our precious metals - and embellishing our bodies with them. We wear jewelry for countless reasons: tradition, ceremony, function, and beauty.

Of course, many cultures continue to utilize adornments for tradition and ceremonial purposes, though in the modern world we tend to focus more on the beauty aspect when it comes to our pieces of jewelry.

Now we are seeing a surge in jewelry made and worn for a different reason, infused with functional elements that make our lives more efficient, enhanced and intentional. The latest styles are focused on this functionality, as well as bringing back some favorite looks from the past, in a slightly different way.

Enter the wave of technological innovation, and our jewelry styles are evolving at a rapid pace to be something to not only wear with style, but also with purpose.

With these innovations in mind, below are the latest and most popular creations in jewelry styles that you can expect to become the new sought after adornments.

From tech-savvy wear, to sleek styles, you’ll see how these looks can transform the way you look, and even interact. We’ve even added in a new brand that’s one to watch (you’ll learn about it first here).


Layers Upon Layers


This styles has come in and out of fashion for centuries, and is now making a comeback in a big way in the western world of jewelry design, with some twists to keep it modern and creative. It’s just how it sounds - wearing layers upon layers of jewelry, but with certain flair of intentional style in mind, so we don’t just look as if we slapped on everything we own.

For example, layering rings is less about having each and every finger covered, but more wearing sets of 4 or even 5 rings with slightly different designs on just one finger, making it seem as if it is an intricate expensive ring covering you, to demand attention.

With necklaces, it’s the same idea - rather than wearing a mismatch of different bands and pendants, the look is to keep it with the same tones.

All layers of short and long necklaces should be purely silver, or golden, or whatever other color you choose. Keep the base metal the same, and the pendants to have some kind of running theme, like gemstones or coin-shaped embellishments.


Minimal Chic

Contrary to the style above, it seems like it’s all-or-nothing as the minimal chic look is just as popular and sweeping the world with bold, yet simple statements that has people lusting over the elegance of less.

You’ll be seeing more pieces come out from all up-to-date brands like delicate and dainty golden chains with little or even no pendants.

Chocker necklace bands in shiny silver with no detail, and thin and intricate rings that are so subtle, people look twice. The allure of more simple pieces is in the expression of the fine quality. It seems that people love this latest style of poetic simplicity.


Infused Intentions

Where style meets purpose, the innovations of fusing technology with our jewelry is sweeping the world over. What started as a simple pedometer, for instance, transformed into bracelets, smart watches, and now smart jewelry that no one could ever guess has a hidden function.

Health trackers can now be worn as pendants to detect your sleep, rings to notify you of calls and alarms, and our own romantic creation – a pendant to hold an ever-lasting digital image. 

This modern locket idea is less about productive function, and more about the romance - and let’s face it, jewelry is still by and large, about the romance of the piece.

Our evermée necklace brand is doing something that even smart jewelry hasn’t yet done - it infuses a precious memory in each of the 5 gemstone pendants available. You can collect the pendants to wear for different occasions, which will all spark a different photo memory on your smartphone. All you do is glide the phone over the necklace, and magically the photo appears.

What’s more, the pendants are in the more minimal chic design of a high-quality pendant set on 100% recycled silver chains.

Though if you want to layer it up, choose different lengths and wear multiple memories in one go. There you’ll have all 3 of the latest and popular styles in one!

Create your own chic locket today!

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