Spiritual and Astrological Benefits of Wearing Jewelry

by priyanshu rawat
Spiritual and Astrological Benefits of Wearing Jewelry

These necklaces carry genuine gemstones that come with individual spiritual benefits -->


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  • The Power of Gold
  • Rules For Wearing Gold
  • The Power of Silver
  • Rules For Wearing Silver
  • The Power of Gemstones
  • Rules For Wearing Gemstones
  • The Real Benefit of Wearing Jewelry
  • Jewelry and Zodiac Signs
  • Jewelry and Body Parts
  • Jewelry and Protection
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Benefits of Wearing Jewelry

ave you wondered how important a piece of jewelry can be in our lives?

Questions like the what are the spiritual benefits of wearing gold and silver together and what does it mean astrology can arise. 

For ages, mankind and jewelry have shared an inseparable bond.

Not only for its traditional value or aesthetic appeal but a lot more than that.
Yes, jewelry is a lot more than that.

Besides enhancing the look of the wearer, a piece of jewelry can affect your health. Did you know that?

Or that wearing jewelry can decide the fate?

Or what about jewelry offering spiritual benefits?

There are a lot more questions like these that we aim to answer throughout this article.

Let's examine the Spiritual and Astrological benefits of wearing jewelry.

The Power of Gold

Benefits of Wearing Gold Jewelry

Ever since mankind discovered Gold, we humans couldn’t get over it.

In astrology, this strikingly attractive metal is synonymous to health, wealth, and prosperity.

In early times, many astrologers affirmed the fact that this metal vibrates to the sun.

Sounds crazy, right?

But those astrologers strongly believe that Gold can boost the vitality, confidence, and strength of the wearer.

In the 21st century as well innumerable people believe that wearing Gold attracts success and wealth. So if you do, too – you're not alone!

This is one of the many reasons why Gold is so popula besides its unparalleled aesthetic appeal.

Gold opens the door to prosperity, wisdom, success, and nobility.

This is what many philosophers, astrologers, and Gold fanatics believe.

Rules For Wearing Gold

Are there rules?

Yes, certain rules decide when and why you should wear Gold.

Based on astrological beliefs, these rules will help harness the full power of Gold.

So this is something many Astrologers believe but is it real you may ask.

The truth is: Who knows for sure?

This what Astrology is all about, after all.

Let's check out some of these rules.

  • Don’t wear Gold below the waist.
  • Don’t consume alcohol, eat non--veg food, or while wearing Gold.
  • Don’t keep Gold close to the head.
  • Always keep your Gold in cloth or red colored paper.
  • People who have obesity or stomach problems should not wear Gold.

The Spiritual Benefits of Silver

Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

Not only regular people like us but also many nations believe that Silver protects from evil forces.

And it helps in curing all sorts of ailments.

In Ayurveda, too, Silver is considered a sacred metal.

It is supposed to help the human body to heal and strengthen its power.

Astrologers affirm Silver to be connected with the moon.

This metal can bring mental peace, psyche, and luck.

So, if you want to sharpen your psychic capabilities, then wearing silver is the answer for you.

And what's better than wearing a necklace crafted from pure Silver?
Especially, when it can complement your style and redefine your look.

At Evermée, we create memories necklace from recycled silver. The special thing about our jewelry is that it can store pictures digitally.

You may wonder how this is possible, right?
Well, we use a passive technology that sits inside the jewelry that only activates whenever a phone touches the necklace.

So, you can wear a silver necklace with your favorite memory inside.

Rules For Wearing Silver

Unlike Gold, wearing Silver doesn't have any rules in particular that Astrologers recommend.

So, nothing is stopping from exploiting the power of Silver.

Don’t forget to check out Evermée’s stunning Silver necklaces with their genuine gemstones inside that radiate different types of energies.

Matching sister necklaces can be a sweet way to keep a loved one protected as well.

The Spiritual Benefits of Gemstones

Benefits of Wearing Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones or Natural stones are ancient amulets.

Those are considered tremendously powerful and sacred.

These stones are known to amplify energy.

Which unite their power to the strength of your wishes.

In order to deliver spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Selecting the suitable natural stone as per your liking, personality, and zodiac sign.

Can intensify progress and bring balance to your life.

Since 7000 years from the first discovery of Natural stone or Gemstone.

Humanity till now has discovered a plethora of different types of Gemstones.

Surrounded by mysteries, myths, and facts.

These Gemstones can help bring everything we aspire to as humans.

At Evermée, we craft necklaces with Gemstones in the most unspoiled form.

Ethically sourced from the best suppliers in the world, the gemstones inside our jewelry can bring happiness and health to your and your loved one's life.

While you rejoice your memories - that's the cherry on the icing of the cake.

Keep in mind:  The Evermée necklace is no ordinary piece of jewelry:

Amalgamated with passive technology, it doesn't interfere with the gemstone's natural energies AND can store your pictures inside.

Rules For Wearing Gemstones

There are ample rules that apply to wearing Gemstones.

Considering there are over 200 varieties of Gemstones.

These rules are mostly based on a persons’ personality and zodiac sign.

However, contrary to these astrological beliefs, there is no harm in wearing any gemstone.

Wearing any kind of Gemstone will only bring positivity, confidence, and love.

The Real Benefit of Wearing Jewelry

Spiritual and Astrological Benefits of Wearing Jewelry

Gone are the days. When jewelry was just a fashion accessory.

Today every piece and kind of jewelry is known to provide some astrological and spiritual benefits.

There are ornaments that are considered lucky for the wearer, while some others are considered to bring success, protection, and health to the wearer.

Jewelry and Zodiac Signs

If you are someone who strongly beliefs in astrology, then you might be aware of the relation between zodiac signs and jewelry.

In order to attract luck and prosperity, astrologers recommend wearing jewelry as per your zodiac sign.

Besides the zodiac sign, your penchant and personality are also something.

That should be taken into account when buying any jewelry.

Jewelry and Body Parts

From early age, different kinds of jewelry were designed for different parts of the body.

According to ancient mythology, every part of the human body is represented by specific chakras.

When jewelry is worn, the chakra associated with that area is activated.

This aids in the release its spiritual energy.

Necklaces, in particular, help evoke the heart region's chakra.

Jewelry and Protection

Jewelry is believed to protect the wearer from the attacks of negative energies.

The belief being, when dark energy attacks someone, the piece of jewelry blocks it before it can affect the wearer.

Due to this, many people wear jewelry to save or extricate themselves from dark energies.

Moreover, women are known to attract more black energy then men.

So, being more susceptible, women should wear a piece of jewelry at all times.

This could possibly also be the explanation as to why women in ancient times wore jewelry in many cultures.

Frequently Asked Questions

These necklaces carry genuine gemstones that come with individual spiritual benefits -->

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