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Smart Jewelry - How Romantic Gifts Are Evolving

Smart Jewelry - How Romantic Gifts Are Evolving


Jewelry is becoming much more than just a pretty accessory. Our lavishly adorned jewels not only express a strong statement about who we are and the way we wish to be seen, but also serve a function greater than aesthetic alone.

The innovations in technology in this modern age have sparked jewelry designers and creative tech-savvy minds to infuse our accessories with intelligent functions.

We’re talking about more than just a nice looking smart watch. We’re talking about the kind of innovative jewelry that is high quality, romantic, beautiful and purposeful. The very latest state of the art designs are still a little less known in the jewelry world, and some are still in production, though we’ve done our own research.

Here we have compiled a list of some of the most romantic innovations in tech jewelry that will be the perfect gift for a loved one - or to simply spoil yourself.

Most of them are still in pre-production, but can be ordered already. The last piece has just come out and you can get your hands on it straight away if it romances your jewelry lust.


Thermostat Bracelets

This one is still in production, created by MIT students with a purpose of affecting our body’s temperature by emitting heating or cooling effects on our wrists.

Apparently, the localized heat can affect your whole body temperature. The concept was brought about by contemplating health care wear and how to bring it to people’s everyday lives in a sophisticated and beautiful way. The designs are still being set, but keep your eye out for this new jewelry concept, as it could be an elegant way to keep calm and cool on that next hot steamy date.


Health Tracker Pendants

Rather than the average fitness wristband trackers, some brands are branching out to use pendants to do the same thing.

Technology has evolved to utilize necklaces to monitor heart rate, sleep patterns, body temperature and other data in order to give you valuable information about your rest quality.

Even your fitness tracking data like exercise advice based on your heart rate zones is included in the functionality. That’s like wearing a little guiding health pixie around your neck!

The romance enters in the fact that the designs are beautiful and totally unrecognizable as health trackers. Most of these pendants are on pre-order sale around the web.


Notification Ring

These little pieces of beauty have been tinkered with recently to give rings a function beyond accessorizing. Now, even small sized rings can be linked to your smartphone to vibrate when certain notifications ping on your phone.

This could be calls or alarms and reminders. Customizable, it allows you to stay connected, without reaching for your phone every 2 seconds.

A sweet gift for your loved one that is tech savvy, and style conscious. Available on pre-order, we suspect this innovation to come out next year for full sale.


Memory Infused Pendant

The classic pendant necklace will never go out of style. This one is a little different to the rest - the functional aspect lies is a more magical quality.

We state that this is the most romantic of the jewelry we've seen, as it's main function is to spark sweet feelings. The infusion of a precious memory is held by the pendant to keep this image with you wherever you go.

Without going into the tech details, it’s as if this necklace has been enchanted with a spell to spark a memory that the wearer can bring up on their phone whenever they choose.

With the name of evermée, it expresses this essence of ever-lasting love through memory. With interchangeable enchanted gemstone pieces, each simple and sophisticatedly designed pendant can hold a different memory image of your choice, and when hovering your smartphone over the pendant, it will instantly display a photo on screen.

Choose this necklace for yourself, or for a loved one (suits guys and girls!) that is looking for something a little more sweet and dreamy than a health tracker or notification device.

You can find this pendant in our shop now!

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