Simple (but Surprising) Ways To Express Love

by priyanshu rawat
ways to express love


  • Intro
  • Show Affection
  • Adopting Kindness
  • Understand The Needs
  • Sharing Joy
  • Being Grateful 
  • Spending Time Together
  • Reducing Negativity
  • Communicating And Showing Empathy
  • Learn To Forgive
  • Conclusion

You know it’s love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you’re not part of their happiness.

— Julia Roberts

aintaining a healthy and passionate relationship can get complex.

So, it goes without saying that it is essential to show your loved one how you feel.

And it should be in ways which they will understand and appreciate.

Any person will be able to express their love.

To keep the relationship going correctly with just a little bit of extra work.

We have listed a few practical and insightful ways.

To express the love your love and feelings. 

Show Affection

simple ways to express love

You can communicate love in a way that words cannot by showing affection.

Express your love through touch and be affectionate when you are with your partner.

Hold his or her hand, touch the hair, or maybe put your arm around them.

This shows your partner that you are willing to be physically close with them.

Since physical touch can create intimacy.

You need to understand that some people are more affectionate than others.

Try talking to your partner about how he likes to be touched.

Whether touch is appropriate in public, and about what he appreciates. 

Adopting Kindness To Maintain Affection

simple ways to express love

For stability and long-term satisfaction in relationships.

You must be kind to your partner.

To show your partner that you are wholly invested in the relationship.

There is nothing better than kindness.

Positive interactions in relationships are experienced by those who see kindness in their partner’s actions.

You must turn toward your partner and connect without hesitation if they express a need.

Even if you are tired, distracted, or overwhelmed.

Even during fights, you must be kind and recognize.

When you have not been kind to your partner and fix the damage. 

Understand Your Partner's Needs

ways to express love

There may be a situation where you may express love through gifts.

But your partner receives love through touch in actuality.

Something that will be eye-opening is when you recognize that the way you give love is not how your partner receives love.

And when you know the ways through which your partner feels loved.

It will help you understand love in ways that your partner can reciprocate.

To see what generates the most positive response.

You can try out different approaches and gifts. Like Evermée Memories Necklace.

Studies show that there are five ways to express love.

Relate to your partner and receive love.

They are as follows- 

  • Spending quality and much-needed time with your loved one.
  • Giving your undivided attention to your partner.
  • By doing small acts of service such as cleaning or walking the dog.
  • Affirmative words or complimenting them
  • Stating your positive feelings, like, for instance, saying that you love them.
  • Gifting them flowers, tools, or jewelry as physical symbols of love.
  • Holding hands, or having sex, if they are comfortable and ready.

Sharing Joy To Express Love

ways to express love

You must always be there for your partner.

Even if times are good or bad.

Not to forget, when your partner experiences positive news.

You must celebrate with them.

Couples have long-term stability if they celebrate good news together.

Share in his or her joy and show that you support your them till eternity.

Also, give your partner your full attention and engage in the conversation. 

Being Grateful For What You Have

ways to express love

By acknowledging the things that your beloved does for your well-being.

Show your partner that you care.

If your partner does something for you.

Such as buying dog food or picking up the kids.

You must express gratitude.

You can do this through words or even through a note.

Giving them flowers or even a beautiful meal are gifts that express gratitude. 

Spending Time Together

spending time

Work, kids, pets, friends, etc., make life busy.

It can get hard to find the time to spend with each other.

You must somehow figure out solutions.

To make sure you set aside some time to spend alone with your partner.

If you have kids, then find a sitter for them and clear a night to spend together.

Discuss things that are helpful to both of you by focusing on your relationship.

However, you must try and avoid talking about the "To-do's," money, or kids.

For instance, you can make a date night and enjoy doing something together.

Try having fun, and keep in mind that you don't always have to make date nights romantic. 

Reducing Negative Reactions

ways to express love

Negative interactions can account for every sore feeling that you and your partner might have experienced.

Researches have shown.

That both partners must consciously resort to reducing the chances of a negatively charged conversation or interaction to keep their relationship intact.

If we were to narrow down to one of the most effective ways to express love.

Humour could play as a great catalyst while trying to keep a positive environment to help the relationship grow.

If you are at a loss for options on how to reduce negative reactions.

Discussing with your trusted ones how they would reduce such negativity.

Would help throw some light on different and comfortable ways to express love in your relation.  

Communicating Well And Showing Empathy

ways to express love

Empathy would be one of the most proven ways to express love in our society.

Without this simple and deep emotion of understanding the pain of another.

Love would not have survived, given the intricacies of our modern lifestyle.

Communicating your deepest troubles, concerns, and desires would help every pain area in the relationship be discussed out in the open.

Your partner needs to see that effective communication can stand as one of the most justified ways.

To express love due to the simple act of expression.  

Learn To Forgive

simple ways to express love

There can be forbidden mistakes that no partner or spouse should ever commit.

But forgiving your significant other for petty arguments that could have hurt you is not a lost cause.

The most successive relationships might have resorted to various ways to express love.

But forgiveness tops it all in our opinion.

This could even mean that your partner sees a person who is willing to give him or her a chance.

Forgiveness would also give room to further conversation about the chances of rebuilding a strong relationship.

That might have faltered along the way on a long journey.  

To End,

As we conclude, it might be worthy to note that these simple and interesting ways to express love.

Are the perfect recipe to strengthen the bond and not test each other's qualities.
It goes without saying that our characters may not be flawless.

But depending on such simple ways to cope with a fragile relationship could help two imperfect people find solace in each other. 

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