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Picture For A Locket: The Traditional Way To Keep Memories

Where to get a picture for a locket?

You can get a picture for a locket online or at your local jeweler.

Lockets are the most personal gifts when it comes to jewelry.

They are usually associated with love – whether it be for a friend, family member like your daughter, or a lover.

Pictures lockets provide a small token of remembrance for sweethearts who are separated by all sorts of circumstances.

They also serve as a connection to people who have a deep affection for each other.


The History of Picture In A Locket

old fashioned pictures locket

Lockets have been around for centuries and continue to be relevant as it has always been human nature to hold a keepsake of our loved ones.

Treasuring this memento close to heart means that you appreciate and truly share a special bond to whomever memory the locket keeps.

This type of pendant usually provides a space used to store a photograph or a miniature portrait that serves as a vessel full of memories.

They come in many shapes and forms, such as floating lockets, matching lockets, gate lockets, and rotating lockets. 

While lockets come in many forms, people always look into how it will hold an exceptional picture out of the many images they have in hand.

As memories bring the sentimentalism out of an individual, a design that embraces a reflective mood is more of an ideal choice.

Choosing That Sole Picture For A Locket

Choosing a picture for a locket may sound easy.

However, most of the time it is a challenging task.

Especially if there are too many photos to consider.

Picking the best picture for a locket is indeed a personal thing, and there are no concrete criteria for reference.

Here's a guide based on what picture most chose for their lockets.

A Recently Taken High-Quality Image

Old photos may fade in the coming years.

Moreover, you may need to get the picture scaled down to fit inside the available locket space.

If the image has a low resolution, the face or the photo itself may not be as recognizable as expected.

Therefore, getting a good photo means choosing something that is not blurry.

If you have a vintage photo from decades ago, go to a professional editor to restore the picture to the best quality possible before finally inserting it in your locket.

Pictures Lockets – Make Room For Cropping

selecting photo for locket

When looking for how to put a picture in a locket, you shouldn't forget about the sides of the picture.

This is a crucial detail many people would miss.

Always keep in mind the shape of the locket and check whether the photo you chose for your pictures locket would fit in or not.

If the edges are too close to the person in the picture, it might cover the face and other details.

Do not insist and find a more compatible piece.

Find a photo with enough allowance for editing.

You can choose to zoom in or out or have the background included.

Remember that ample space allows you to explore different options to personalize your locket.

Pick The Right Size Of Picture For The Locket

If you prefer to see multiple people in a pictures-locket, you might need to get a bigger one.

However, some jewelry pendants will allow two small photos that you can see on the left and right side when you open it. 

Choosing a bigger locket will enable you to fit everybody in the picture without losing the details when the photo is scaled down.

How To Put A Picture In A Locket And How It Can Be Annoying

picture for a locket

There are many ways to put a picture in the locket.

The most common method is to do it with a pencil or any pointy object to trace a paper over the photo recess.

By using the cutout paper template, lightly trace it onto the picture.

Lastly, use scissors to neatly cut the photo to the exact size of your image.

But sometimes doing this can be frustrating because the photo needs to match the shape of your locket.

Cutting a picture in a locket can be tricky.

If it’s too big, the photo won’t stay inside.
If it’s too small, it will easily fall from the locket.

And even if you were successful, it will still not look good.

Additionally, group photos are even harder to put in because you have to make sure that everyone is in the picture and that there would be no excluded detail that's of great importance to you.

While some locket sellers would do the job of adding the image from the beginning, sooner or later, when you finally want to replace the picture, you will find yourself figuring out how they did that.

Evermeé Pictures Lockets

picture for a locket pictures locket

While it is a daunting task to insert a fragile image into a tight recess, other locket options won't let you experience the same dilemma.

The innovative evermeé locket saves you from hours of cropping, cutting, and implanting a photo.

Now, you have enough time to pick the best image you want to revisit every time you feel like it.

The chances of you cutting off your fingers are 99% lower than with other lockets.

Every Evermeé jewel piece has a unique feature that allows you to embed a software copy of a chosen image.

This makes it an instant eye-candy for early adopters.

Tech jewelry or smart jewelry, a category of wearable tech, makes a promising niche that will surely capture the hearts of many.

Despite the modern touch, this tech does not steal away the limelight from the main attraction.

Its contemporary approach in presenting an exceptional digital photo retains the nostalgia while giving a more precise scope of memories.

Instead of fitting an actual printed picture for a locket, evermeé uses an NFC feature built inside the gemstone to store a digital photo.

The NFC tag allows you to upload a photo directly into the pendant through the Evermee app.

By using the same software, the picture will appear on the screen by hovering your phone over the gemstone while the app is open. 

There are endless possibilities for a surprise gift with this feature.

For instance, you can upload a different photo every day to keep it astonishing.

Evermeé’s Mother Of Pearl Locket

mother of pearl pictures locket

Similar to conventional lockets, evermee’s lockets provide plenty of options for an individual styling.

We offer four pendant designs with a choice of either gold or silver and half-moon or full moon design.

Additionally, evermeé delivers a selection of eight different gemstones.

One popular choice is their pearl pendant lockets.

The Mother of pearl gemstone variant has an iridescent appearance, which gives it an elegant look.

This particular gemstone provides you with a meaningful gift.

The Mother of pearl gemstone is often associated with the healing powers of the moon. 

Many believed that the Mother of pearl helps in relieving one of all relationship anxieties and stress.

It relaxes and calms emotions, which assists in achieving a more harmonious and balanced romantic life.

It also soothes aggressive thoughts as well as release fearful feelings.

Moreover, the gemstone strengthens one’s intuition and stimulates the imagination.  

Evermeé's Black Pearl Locket

black pearl locket

If you are not a fan of the conventional white color of pearls, evermee’s black pearl lockets can serve as a meaningful gift as well as the Mother of pearl variant.

According to the beliefs, Black pearl gemstones offer everlasting love.

This makes this pictures-locket an ideal symbolic gift for a loved one.

Additionally, due to its historic rarity, Black pearls have always symbolized wealth and prosperity. However, due to Tahitian pearl cultivation today, black pearls are much more affordable.

If you want to check out more options, you can simply create your own smart locket necklace here

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