100% Unique Graduation Gifts For Friends

by Gerrit from evermée

Graduation Gifts For Friends

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Today we want to introduce you to the best graduation gifts for your friends.

After we've covered the perfect graduation gift for your daughter last week, it's time to help out everyone who wants to surprise their friends on this special day.

The graduation of your best friend is a significant milestone in their life.

It doesn't matter wheter they graduate as a nurse, from their phd or law school.

What matters is that they are done with a significant chapter of their live and are about to start a completely different one.

And the best way to congratulate your best friend is to cheer them in this once-in-a-lifetime ceremony and give them a meaningful gift during their celebrations.

The best graduation gifts for friends are personal presents that hold memories and that last for a long time.

Some may want to avoid typical “graduation gift for friends” clichés, but this is something that you shouldn't mind.

After all, the intention is not to impress, but to give something worth-keeping.

And to reminiscent of your moments that you shared during this time. Even if for, example, you are graduating from law school and your friend graduates as a nurse.

At the same time, you would like your pal or BFF to feel special.

As such, a simple gift card or another copy of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go,” will not be enough.

What's Are Good Graduation Gifts For Friends?

The best graduation gifts for friends appear to be remembrances and photo collages in personal jewelry.

While we mentioned earlier that going for the usual is not something to worry about, you also want to send a message that your friend means a lot to you.

So let us help you with brainstorming about some awesome graduation gifts for friends in order to strengthen your relationship with them.

Whether they are going off to be a nurse or moving away to find work after law school – some inspiring and memorable gifts will help them find solace and motivation as they journey through different hardships this word has to offer.

With all of these in mind, here are some fresh ideas that could be a good gift to your loved one. 

Digital Lockets by evermée

Dreamland Edition – Crystal - digital lockets by evermée
Dreamland Edition – Crystal - digital lockets by evermée
Dreamland Edition – Crystal - digital lockets by evermée
Dreamland Edition – Crystal - digital lockets by evermée
Dreamland Edition – Crystal - digital lockets by evermée
Dreamland Edition – Crystal - digital lockets by evermée
Dreamland Edition – Crystal - digital lockets by evermée

18k Gold Plated - Crystal Edition


Imagine the look on her face when you first scan the necklace and surprise her with a cute photo that sits inside this stunning necklace!

View details

Digital lockets from the evermée collection boldly said outshine ordinary friendship accessories that you can find in nearby stores or other online shops.

These lockets for women are way above ordinary bracelets and things like this.


Well, they hold the same romantic value that classic lockets do.

However, evermée subtly embedded harmless technology inside these lockets. So when you scan them with your phone, a photo pops up on the phone screen!

Defined as modern fine jewelry with a twist of technology, each custom locket showcases grace and unspoiled functionality.

The genuine gemstones in evermée lockets store a photo with the use of an NFC technology.

It doesn't radiate, it doesn't need any battery, and it's water proof – nothing to worry about!

Evermée is currently the only store that offers jewelry incorporated with this kind of design and tech.

So how does this work?

It is as easy as downloading their app and hovering your phone over the gemstone.

The photo will then automatically appear on the screen.

You can also retrieve the picture as well as change them from anywhere, anytime.

matching sister necklace for big sister

Our pink opal edition

matching sister necklace for 2

Our turquoise edition

You can easily create your own locket with their tool.

With 3 different materials and 8 gemstones, it's easy to create a necklace that your friend likes. This makes it the perfect graduation gifts for friends.

With the above selections, you can catalyze a distinct jewelry gift for graduation to match your best friend's personality.

No matter whether she graduates as a nurse or from law school!

The fine jewelry editions of this necklace are made from 18 carat gold and recycled 925 sterling silver.

All of the gemstones are genuine and sanded by hand.

This is some quality stuff that will last for centuries!

The prices of Evermée lockets range from $69 to $249. .

Inspirational Life Guidance Books

There are a lot of uncertainties that, let's say, a nurse or a law school graduate have by entering a new phase of their lives.

This makes their graduation one of the most exciting events in years to come.

And being a good friend, you will always feel like it's your job to keep your friend encouraged.

You could only wish your words would be enough, and if there are any inspiring things out there, you'll jump in to get one for your BFF.

Hence, books are one of the best graduation gifts for friends.

It makes a meaningful graduation gift that will surely motivate, guide, and inspire friends as they head on to their next journey.

One ideal book as a graduation gift is “This Is Water,” by David Foster Wallace.

The book talks about how people should live a compassionate life and why they need to be aware of what's happening with the world.

It also talks about the value of real education and should not be all about a person’s level of intelligence.

Feel free to search for an extensive collection of books online.

You can find cheap but excellent second-hand books in your local shops.

Using a blank page of the book or slipping in a card with the most heartfelt message you can give will make the gift genuinely remarkable.

A Commemorative Map of Their College Town

A Map Of Their College Town

Not is this one of the most useful graduation gifts for friends who are about to go off for college or law school, but it also turns into an extraordinary memoir for, let's say, graduation as a nurse.

A map of your college town makes a cute gift as it holds memories of the place you and your friends stayed at for a good number of years.

Every college memory has a place, and what better way to remember a particular time in your life than by hanging a daily reminder of it in your home.

This simple reason makes commemorative maps as one of the unique and ideal choices for best graduation gifts for friends.

Too bad not everyone would realize it.

Graduation Gifts For Friends – Piggy Bank

Another gift for your best friend are laundry day piggy banks.

Doing laundry can be a real drag, especially if it’s far from your apartment building.

It would be best if you even had a spare change to do them.

You don't need to smash laundry day piggy banks to get the coins inside.

This gift would work for friends who plan to get serious about saving up money. From experience this would mainly be people graduating from law school.

It will remind them of how you scolded them whenever they splurge their money on things they don't need.

You can pre-fill the piggy bank with quarters before wrapping it up in a special cloth or a premium paper wrapper.

Don't forget to add a message on top, reminding your best friend to save up!

Gift Your Friends A Magnetic Board

When you wish your pals to be a bit more organized, you can tell them to stop for a while and fix themselves through a magnetic board.

A magnetic board itself, of course, is a boring present alone.

However, there are so many things you can do to turn it into one of the best graduation gifts for your friends.

Some companies offer custom-printed magnetic boards.

You only need to submit the text, background, and a photo, then wait for the item to arrive.

But if you own a pair of artistic hands, DIY is the best way to go.

The golden rule here is to find a way on how you can personalize things.

You may create a collage out of your unforgettable experiences together, your favorite quote together, a collection of autographs, etc.

The possibilities to make this the best gift ever are endless!

Wrapping Up The Best Graduation Gift Ideas

The key to a timeless graduation gift idea for your friends is making it intimate and exclusive.

As such, you should find the right place where you can insert your sincere letter and best wishes.

Whether it is jewelry, a magnetic board, a piggy bank, or an inspirational book – it all epens on how much you know about them.

But if you decide to take the art of gifting a step further, while making sure that the item is in earnest and eternal, go for Evermée friendship lockets.

It's one of the few things your best friends can hold close to their hearts.

These one-of-a-kind lockets emanate a strong sense of thoughtfulness and value for friendship.

No matter how far you were away from each other, and no matter how long, this locket through the way it holds and shows precious memories will bring you and your best friend closer to each other.

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