Mother's Day 2021- 'Ways To Express Your Love To Your Mom!'

by priyanshu rawat


  • How to Make Mother's Day memorable!
  • Basic Info About MD 2021
  • Physical Affection
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Gifting Time
  • A Helping Hand
  • Mother's Day Gift List 2021
  • Summary
Mother's day

When is Mother's Day 2021?

Mother's Day will take place on 9 May 2021.

No one can express love as a mother does – even words will fall short if we talk about her and her love.

Thousands of poems have been recited to express gratitude for the mother's love.

Hundreds of people have written masterpieces about it.

And yet, there will always be something to say about her.

And as Mother's day 2021 is approaching, let's admit that you will never lack love when you are around your mother.

You will never feel sad knowing because you will always know that she is always there for you.

Mother's day 2021

We are brought into this world by our mother and then introduced to the everyday expanding world where our priorities are constantly changing.

We all love our mothers a lot, but sometimes emotions need a display.

You sometimes have to make efforts to tell your mother how much you love her.

This Mother's Day 2021, go the extra mile to tell your mother how much she means to you.

These efforts may seem small when you think about them. But these gestures will leave imprints on your mother's heart forever. 

Let this Mother's Day be memorable!

We all know that we are surrounded by so many chores, work, and ambitions.

That we hardly get time to put some extra effort into our relationships.

We live in a world where we are managing so much of the work that we forget that we have a family as well.

Mothers may not always complain, but they always understand what a son/daughter is going through.

This is the key that helps you to rule her heart. We understand everyone's busy life nowadays, and thus we value your precious time.

We understand that sometimes you can't help but think how difficult it is to juggle between professional and personal lives.

So, let's make an easy path to help you get closer to your mother.

This year, let's hope you give your mother the best gift and wish her wholeheartedly a very happy mother's day 2021.

Some people feel delighted to express their love, while some people fail to express their feelings.

Mothers are generally emotional, and they appreciate gifts that their children plan.

1. Basic Facts About MD 2021

As stated above, Mother's Day will be on 9 May 2021. 

That's a Sunday, great!

It's quite likely that you won't have to work on a Sunday, so you can go see her in person. 

Did you know that other nations celebrate Mother's Day on different dates? 

For example, people in Indonesia celebrate this day typically in December. And the UK is celebrating MD on 22 March 2021 already this year. 

This is mostly due to different religious interpretations of this special day. 

In any case – the true origins lie in the United States. 

Let us now look at some of the gifts you can get for your mother to show her how much you love her.  

2. Free Mother's Day Gift 2021 – Give Her An Extra Hug

Mother's day gift

We all can agree that human touch is the purest kind of love.

It reassures people and helps them get comfortable.

Physical touch is among the most understated gifts.

All those hugs and handshakes convey the love between two people.

The warmer your emotions, the more physical touch you require.

This also helps in bonding and knowing each other better.

This also shows how much you appreciate a person and their efforts.

So whatever you're going to gift your mom this year: If you have the chance to safely give her a hug in these strange times – do so!

3. Mother's Day Gift 2021 – Words Of Affirmation

Mother's day 2021

Sometimes all we want to hear are a few words of kindness.

Kindness never goes in vain.

If you love someone, be ready with a sword of affirmation.

This mother’s day, in 2021, take a step forward in the journey of affirmation. Kind words encourage a person.

They help people to gain confidence and self-esteem.

Many people gain confidence in someone else’s approval.

Similarly, mothers look for appreciation in their children’s eyes.

Gifting them words of appreciation is a kind gesture that is not only a gift but a treasure of a lifetime.

Expressing gratitude increases its manifolds.

Hence try to write a note or a letter to your mother thanking her for all the love, care, food, clothes, and everything else that she has done for you.  

Tell her what you're missing the most about her or tell her about your favorite childhood memory that she may have forgotten about.

You're too lazy to bring the mail to the post office?

Well, me too. 

That's why I use a online service like Mailform to send a physical letter for me.

4. Gift Of Time on Mother's Day 2021

Time is Precious

Nothing is more special and valuable than time.

Your time is the most invaluable thing that you can gift someone.

We all know that we live a hectic life where it is difficult to manage time for anybody.

Hence what can be a better occasion to see your mother than Mother's day 2021? 

Block some of your time to go out with your mother. Sit with her.

Talk to her about her life. Give her a chance to be a part of your day.

Not only will she feel elated, but she will thank you from the core of her heart.

Take her out for movies or shopping on the weekend. Play card or board games with her.

Talk to her about life and her journey. You will feel the closeness fast.

This is a gift that is worth millions of memories. Talk about her hobbies.

Plan a day to help her explore herself. Try her favorite cuisine and her favorite book.

This may not take a lot of effort, but it will surely show your mother how much she means to you. 

5. Acts Of Service

A helping hand

Every kind word that comes out of the mouth is a deed that remained incomplete.

The small acts of service to help your mother will make her feel getting rewarded.

Try cooking her favorite meal or to go for walks with her. These are small gestures that account for huge happiness.

And bear in mind that not only "old" mother's would appreciate this.

Even if someone forgets words, nobody forgets actions. As we all know, "actions speak louder than words".

Thus they leave imprints on the heart forever. You can try small actions like washing the car or doing household chores.

This will help your mother to appreciate you and your love for her.

Go out of your way once in a while to give a smile on your mother's beautiful face.   

6. Best Products For Mother's Day 2021

Mother's day 2021 gift

Be it a kid, grandparents or a mother – everyone loves gifts! 

It is one's way of expressing your love and showering it onto the person.

Even a small gift can help your mother appreciate your efforts.

You can find thousands of ideas to create perfect gift for your mother.

But make sure that you put in your best efforts and decide how you would want to surprise her on Mother's day 2021.

We're giving you a few suggestions of what you can gift your mom. 

Starting out with the most special one:

#1 – A Digital Locket

Often times, people are facing a very basic problem: "What to gift a mom who has everything?"

 Well, I'm sure she hasn't got a digital locket from evermée yet.

At Evermée, we acknowledge that finding the perfect gift can be difficult.
It's actually the reason why we started our company.

It's a necklace with a hidden twist of technology that shows a photo on your phone screen whenever your phone touches the necklace. 

You can change the photo inside your Mother's locket from the distance, which makes it the coolest love messenger out there:

You can keep on updating your mom of your life and adventures by sending photos into her necklace.

Watch How The Memories Necklace Works

Download the evermée app
(available on Google & Apple)

Scan the gemstone
of your necklace with your phone.

Your photo memory appears
on the screen of your phone.

memories necklace digital locket review

#2 – A Cosmetic Kit

If you know that your mom has been eyeing a certain cosmetic kit or make-up kit, then just go and get it for her!

Be prepared to be faced with the question:

"Do I look that old?" upon gifting it to her, though.

It's always good to have a good and funny response on hand. 

I always tell my mom that she doesn't have wrinkles around her eyes. I tell her that those lines are the sun rays of the sun that's shining our of her face.

Makes her smile every time!

#3 – Gift Her a Dress

By the time Mother's Day 2021 comes, summer will be super close!

And what else could be nicer for your mom than wearing a summer-y dress that reminds her of you every time she wears it?

There is a ton of cute dresses our there and I'm sure you know your mom's taste best. I personally like to gift her dresses with flowers on them. 

But go ahead and find her something fashionable she usually wouldn't buy herself :)

#4 – Plan a Trip For Her

Gift her an experience.

You can go on AirBnB and find a cool weekend trip close to your area that you can gift her.

I'm sure your dad would love this particular Mother's Day gift too.

#5 – Self-Massage Products

I'll let you in on a secret: 

The older you get, the more problems you'll have with your body.

More relaxation is needed.

This can play into your cards – get your mom a cool self-massage device that she can use to treat her bodily problems.

They're products available for all budgets, so that's a plus!


There is a ton more gifts out there.

But what's really important to remember is that a mother's mind and heart go hand in hand.

She has pampered you throughout your whole childhood.

It is now time for you to give something back to her this mother's day 2021.

Find the perfect gift now at evermée!