Modern Lockets: The Best Jewelry For Women

by Gerrit from evermée
5 modern lockets

There are a ton of modern lockets for women out there.
However, so many of them are quite ugly.

Tastes vary, so you have to spend some time on finding the right one.
I'm going to assist you in finding a pretty one today by showing you the coolest lockets I've seen in the interwebs.

1. Digital Photo Lockets From evermée
2. Heart-shaped Locket 'With an Engraved ‘I Love You’
3. Rectangle-shaped Locket 
4. Essential Oil Holder Locket 
5. Expandable Locket Necklace

Some women love big chains, others like silver plated bracelets, gold earrings, or big shiny diamond rings.

Although we have our own preferences as to why we love jewelry so much, we can’t argue with the fact that there is a type of accessory that outshines other kinds of jewelry – modern day locket jewelry.

Locket jewelry is the most valuable jewelry that a woman could ever possess.

It’s the type of jewelry that can perfectly go along with any outfit you choose.

May it be extravagant, classy or you just want to rock a simple yet cute “ootd” for a dinner date – a locket can easily blend in with whatever style you desire.

So, to widen your thoughts about this locket necklace for women, here are the top five modern photo lockets that have unique features that you might love. 

Modern Photo Lockets From Evermee 

digital locket

Now, this may shock you a bit, but have you ever encountered a locket that would let you upload HD pictures anytime?

Upload? HD pictures? Anytime? – Yes! One of the women lockets out there, such as the new age locket of Evermee, exists!

This is a type of locket necklace that will take your style to a whole new level.

Evermee’s modern photo locket necklace features an advanced way of putting a photo inside a locket – and what I mean by putting, is uploading a photo in your pendant.

There’s no need for you to cut out old pictures and ruin that priceless photo paper.

This necklace allows you to just download an application, connect it to your locket, choose your desired photo, and voila!

You got yourself a modern day photo locket with HD quality. 

Plus, here’s the most amazing part, you can change the picture in your locket anytime you desire! Amazing right? 

This locket is also budget-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about draining your wallet.

It’s pretty to look at too! These types of women lockets can go perfectly with almost any outfit.

A cute Sunday dress, an oversized black shirt, or even your pajamas. Funny but true!

And I'll let you in on a little secret: we've got charms coming soon, too!

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself one of these now!

This modern day locket necklace can save you a huge amount of money and time while at the same time carrying sentimental value.


Because you get to choose what photo you’re going to put in the locket.

If you still have some difficulty in choosing between all the perfect modern locket necklaces, just remember that the most important factor that you should consider is yourself.

You must choose something that you think that will perfectly suit you, and that would bring out the best out of you. 

modern locket

Heart-shaped Locket 'With an Engraved ‘I Love You’ 

Before you exit this post, let me tell you that this type of modern locket for women isn’t what you think it is.

This type of locket features an engraved ‘I Love You’ that comes with different languages.

Aside from the variety of languages that translates to ‘I love you’ that you can choose from, you can also add a picture inside.

You can also purchase this as a gift, if you want to give your loved ones something cute and sentimental.

So, if you’re the type of woman that loves to be under the sun, wears cute summer dresses, and loves to hang out at the park, then a heart-shaped modern locket with an engraved ‘I love you’, will perfectly suit your personality and style. 

Rectangle-shaped Locket 

We are all aware that a traditional locket comes in the shape of a circle.

Well, it’s time to forget that shape and move on to this type of modern locket necklaces, that created their pendant in the shape of a rectangle.

Yes, a rectangle pendant as a locket necklace for women.

This type of jewelry will be your best accessory when you’re a sophisticated type of woman.

The type of woman that loves to wear scarfs, a coat with cropped pants, and loves to wear a monotone color outfit – you.

You can also add a picture of your own choosing inside this rectangle-shaped pendant to add more value to it.

Not just that you will look highly sophisticated, but also you get a chance to carry a valuable piece of photo by wearing this locket necklace for women.

So, if you’re looking for a locket that would best fit your taste of sophistication, then my friend, you just found your best modern day locket necklace. 

Essential Oil Holder Locket 

Now, this is a modern locket necklace that goes beyond your imagination – an essential oil holder!

Yes, you read that right.

This is for women who would like a pendant that holds essential oils.

It also looks amazing physically, and for sure it will go perfectly with your classy nightgown.

If you wear this modern locket necklace to a party, then it will be no wonder that you will become the jewel of the night, while smelling good all the time.

So, are you the type of woman who loves to smell good all the time?

Yes? Then, get yourself one of these pieces now! Who wouldn’t love to smell good right? I know I do. 

Expandable Locket Necklace

We are all aware that a typical locket can only hold one picture inside, but here’s a piece of jewelry that redefined that expectation, an expandable locket.

This necklace is all about having not just one photo, but five photos in one pendant.

If you love to keep more than one picture in your locket, then this will be your best buy.

This locket’s modern feature can go along with your night out outfit with the chance to carry all the photos of your friends (in case you get super drunk, people will know who you’re with. You know what I’m talking about).

So, come on! Treat yourself, or your friends with one of these necklaces for women now. 

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