Modern Jewelry: What Is It And Why You Should Wear It?

by priyanshu rawat
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  • How Modern Jewelry Is Different From Traditional Jewelry?
  • Modern Vs. Traditional Jewelry 
  • Price
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Evermée: One Of A Kind Modern Jewelry Brand
  • Crystal clear production
  • Stellar Quality 
  • Reasonable Price
  • Conclusion

rom ages, jewelry has been an essential accessory for both men and women.

Be it any occasion, time, or place.

It is hard to resist the captivating look and feel of a stunning piece of jewelry.

Time and again jewelry has gone through the phases of change.

These alterations in terms of design, style, look, feel and what not!

Has turned conventional jewelry into something which is way more fascinating, appealing, and expressive.

Unlike traditional jewelry, the modern jewelry of the 21st century has a lot to offer.

Be it looks, comfort, design, appeal, or vibe.

Modern jewelry is different!

How Modern Jewelry Is Different From Traditional Jewelry?

Although almost every kind of jewelry are crafted with precious metals, with or without natural gemstones.

Traditional pieces of jewelry are often bulky filled with intricate design elements.

Whereas, modern pieces of jewelry on the other hand are crafted keeping personalization and minimalism in mind.

Carrying both the exquisiteness and uniqueness of conventional pieces of jewelry.

Any perfect definition explaining the modern jewelry is hard to derive.

But knowing the salient features in a practical way indicates how modern jewelry is different.

Modern jewelry like the evermée necklace is easy to maintain and extremely durable.

Moreover, unlike old-style jewelry.

Modern ornaments can be worn anywhere irrespective of the time, place, and occasion.

Modern Vs. Traditional Jewelry 


Modern jewelry being minimalistic are often pocket-friendly.

For instance, the evermée necklace starts at just $79.

Uncompromising on style and aesthetics, contemporary jewelry are elegant.

On the other hand, traditional pieces of jewelry are often very expensive.

The reason being, most of these traditional ornaments are filled with intricate details.

Which not only makes it expensive, but also hard to maintain.


When buying any kind of jewelry, durability is a chief concern.

After all, jewelry ain’t cheap! When it comes to durability and reliability.

Modern ornaments are designed to be more tough and long-lasting.

Not only, such ornaments are treated well but also, being minimal they’re resilient to damage.

Like at evermée, we handpick every gemstone for our jewelry on the basis of quality and durability.

Moreover, all our materials are ethically sourced from the finest suppliers around the world.


Appearance and look is another area where modern jewelry scores high.

Some people believe traditional jewelry has an unmatched vibe which is very much reasonable.

Since traditional jewelry symbolize the cultural and social values.

But when it comes to versatility modern jewelry is a winner.

Being minimal, stylish and comfortable.

Pieces of modern jewelry can be worn anywhere and anytime.

Such a jewelry can be hard to find that you can wear at both the office and at a party.

But don’t you worry, the evermée necklace is one of a kind versatile ornament.

Designed elegantly it goes with every outfit and would make you stand out at every occasion.

Watch How The Memories Necklace Works

Download the evermée app
(available on Google & Apple)

Scan the gemstone
of your necklace with your phone.

Your photo memory appears
on the screen of your phone.

memories necklace digital locket review

What Makes Evermée One Of A Kind Modern Jewelry Brand?

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Founded by two surfer friends, Gerrit and Jonas.

The brand is focused on providing customers with jewelry that is both fascinating and modern.

Not only evermée necklace is different from any conventional jewelry.

But also, every necklace we sell is crafted with care, love and highest quality material.

Crystal clear production

Transparency in jewelry production is critical in the 21st century.

Millennials especially favor businesses and products that have a conscience.

Moreover, as a consumer you would not want to buy a jewelry.

That harms either the humans or the environment.

Keeping all these aspects in mind, at evermée we source all our good ethically.

Moreover, we only use 100% recycled silver to minimize our environmental footprint.

Stellar Quality 

When it comes to jewelry, quality is a vital.

Not every modern jewelry that is available is strictly inspected for its quality.

In jewelry quality helps in assessing the – longevity and maintenance required.

At evermée, we keep quality on top of our list.

Every gemstone we use is sourced from the finest suppliers in the world.

Moreover, all our materials are passed through strict quality inspections.

We are proud to say, that evermée is an ethical business.

That has a low environmental footprint whiles still offering high quality products.

We care for you.

That is why we make sure that your valuable memories end up in the best jewelry possible.

Reasonable Price

Price is crucial when buying jewelry.

Many traditional pieces of jewelry are expensive because of their design and details.

Modern jewelry like the evermée necklace on the other hand is fairly priced.

Since, evermée is a brand based 100% online.

We sell directly to consumers eliminating any middleman.

This helps us selling our modern jewelry at a fair price.

A simple, minimalistic yet dazzling modern jewelry at a fair price, is what our necklace is!

To wrap it up, 

Jewelry is something that conjures unforgettable memories.

It is a gift that always reminds the receiver of the giver.

When a special piece of jewelry is given to someone by somebody they love.

Then every time while wearing or seeing it, the giver would think of them.

In short, a piece of jewelry can evoke thousands of unsaid emotions, feelings and memories.

Knowing this, at evermée we have crafted jewelry suited for the 21st century.

The evermée memories necklace is a minimalistic yet stunning piece of modern jewelry.

Equipped with technology it is a necklace with picture inside.

Yup! That’s right.

It keeps all your wonderful memories inside the exquisite piece of gemstone.

Seems unrealistic, right?

But this is what the evermée necklace is all about.

A stunning piece of jewelry amalgamated with tech.

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