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Memories Necklace – 100% Better Than Any Momentum Necklaces

Precious Memories Necklace – What It Is

There is a charmed memories necklace that beats anything else out there.

It's better than momentum necklaces or any other jewelry, even Pandora.

That's a bold claim, I know.

But hear me out. 

I'll tell you where the idea of precious lockets comes from before I reveal why the evermée digital locket is so special.


Where The Memories Necklace Idea Stems From


Precious Charmed Memories Necklace mop pearl

These are digital evermée lockets and carry a photo inside!


We can agree that a memories necklace is a piece of jewelry that lets you put a photo in the pendant, right?

Ok, so where do momentum necklaces have their origins?


Origins of the momentum necklace

Old-fashioned lockets were the first type of jewelry to come up with this concept. 

Back in the days, they were created to mourn over the loss of loved ones. 

The idea was to discreetly wear a photo of your loved one within some form of jewelry, be it a ring or a necklace.

It was important that you cannot see the photo or drawing of the person who had passed, though.

That's why old-fashioned lockets have some sort of "door" or a closing mechanism.

The idea is quite cute and it didn't take long until this idea spread out.

More and more people in relationships started to wear a memories necklace that carried a drawing or a photo of their partner.

Even childhood memories were put into this new type necklace.


Revival of the memories necklace

That was all back in the days and the idea of lockets disappeared for a while.

Lockets suddenly came back into fashion when the era of wars started.

Soldiers would leave into war, never knowing if they'd ever return or not. 

This made the demand for jewelry pieces rise again.

Especially for those that let the solders put a photo in the locket.

War is quite a sad reason for something to become popular again.

After world war II, the interest for lockets declined again.
Probably because there are no wars anymore.

But there is also another reason.


Lockets today

Precious Charmed Memories Necklace Malachite

There are 8 different gemstones to choose from.

As you know, in the 90s technology popped up

It's the reason why modern mementum jewelry like the evermée one exists today.

But if you think about it, technology caused there to be less need for old-fashioned necklaces.


Because a memories necklace was made to connect you with a loved one or to cherish childhood memories.

And that's exactly what the internet does. 

It connects you with anyone.
Loved ones included.

Hence, there is no inherent need for such a thing as a momentum necklace.

Why use a locket when you can simply Whatsapp someone or send them a message on Insta?


Evermée Charmed Memories Necklace

  Precious Charmed Memories Necklace howlite


That's what brings us to the idea of our precious digital lockets. 

Yes, the one I claim to be better than any other mementum jewelry out there.


The idea behind evermée 

We created evermée with the idea to honor its original, romantic use: Wearing a loved one close to your heart.

And we still believe that this is something we should focus on in today's society. 

Drawing closer opposed to social distancing. 

Nowadays, everything happens so fast and everyone has thousands of photos on their phone, right?

The sheer mass of photos on your phone makes the special photos inevitably less valuable.

Let's face it – you even pile up too many of the "special" photos on your phone.

With our idea, we want you to place focus on single memories again and gift them to someone you love. 

Oftentimes, people fail to see the reason why they should gift their girlfriend or best friend a single photo.

Yes, you could send that special photo on Whatsapp. 

But then it will be swallowed by the abyss and land on the photo-graveyard within a day.

Instead, you could genuinely cherish and celebrate this particular memory by embedding it in high-quality jewelry like our charmed memories necklace. 

The fact that you spend time picking one particular photo is what makes this momentum necklace so special.

It's what gives the locket you created such an incredible value to the gifted person. 

And don't worry, you can still surprise your girlfriend or best friend with a new photo in the locket!

You can change the photo in the evermée necklace whenever you want from wherever you are. 

But you can always only let her wear one single memory on purpose.

Otherwise, this mementum jewelry would be turn into a portable album with thousands of invaluable photos in the long-run.

Now let's get to the part where I show you how an evermée works.


How evermée lockets work


evermee charmed digital lockets


We subtly embedded an NFC tag inside the gem of our mementum jewelry.

We all do this by hand and we exclusively use premium materials to create our jewelry. Even our gemstones are genuine!

As you now know, lockets were initially designed to mourn over a loved one in privacy,

You wouldn't know there was a photo inside the jewelry.

The same is valid for our charmed memories necklace. 

You can't tell that we created tech jewelry.
Unless you know what it is capable of.

Anyway, the NFC tag can carry a photo of yours.
You can upload a photo using a simple upload link or our evermee app.

How do you make the photo show, you may ask?

Well, there is an NFC reader inside your phone. 

So all you have to do is open the evermée app, tap the jewelry with your phone, and in the next step, the photo memory pops up on your phone screen!

Here is video that shows how to use it:



Why evermée jewelry is better

Now let's get to the part where I show you why our charmed memories necklace that you can scan is better than any other mementum jewelry out there.

It's going to be a long list:

  • Your evermée can hold a photo, which makes it a super personal jewelry piece that your girlfriend or best friend will love. Regular momentum necklaces don't have this capability.
  • It lets the gifted person take a break from a hectic day and focus on what's important – your relationships with people. Focusing on one particular photo lets you escape from the meaninglessness from having tons of other photos to look at.
  • Our memories necklace is exclusively made from premium materials. We use recycled 925 sterling silver to harm our environment less than other mementum jewelry does. When it comes to our gold vermeil versions, we only use 18 carat gold. Anything lower is of too low quality. Our gemstones are genuine and ethically sourced.
  • We offer more variety than other momentum necklaces. We have 4 designs and 8 gemstones. You can create 32 versions of our necklace and each gemstone has it's one unique pattern!
  • We only have limited editions. As I said, each gemstone is unique and the gemstones of each production round vary in color and pattern. This makes your evermée locket extremely rare and unique.
  • Our memories necklace is made by hand. We need to embed the NFC tag in your jewelry by hand. The sanding of the gemstone and polishing of your pendant also takes place by hand.
  • We offer fairer prices! The silver version of our necklaces start at $99 where others charge $159 and more.
  • It's very uncommon jewelry that stands out.
  • Our gemstones are collectible. For example, you can buy one pendant and all 8 gemstones. 
  • Our memories necklace is packed with emotion, dedication to finding the perfect photo, and the love that makes you gift it to someone.

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