Memorial Lockets: Jewelry for Remembering

by Citra Keswari

Memorial Lockets: Jewelry for Remembering

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For decades or centuries, memorial lockets remain iconic in the jewelry industry.

With the brilliant thought of jewelry that users can open to reveal small storage that can hold a photograph or other sentimental objects, the locket became a classical piece of jewelry that withstood the test of time.

While they are classic pieces, lockets can also evolve for convenience and innovation.

Moreover, the progressing time should come with reinvention.

The world is changing, and we have changed many things to suit our needs.

Jewelry and lockets are no exception to this.  

locket for your dead loved ones

A Glance at History

Back in the 1400s, about six centuries ago, people traditionally used lockets: a pendant that carries a photograph of a loved one.

However, some people do not use the picture of a family member or a romantic interest.

Some people, at that time, chose to carry portraits of the royalties to display their loyalty.

By the 1600s, two hundred years later, the locket evolved for different use-- it became a memorial necklace with a picture.

After Charles I of England passed away, his loyal supporters started placing his portraits in their lockets to signify their grief and mourn.

It eventually turned into a trend and became the birth of memorial lockets.

From a symbol of loyalty, the locket transformed into a piece of memorial jewelry.

Jewelry that once held portraits of royalties or the hair of a loved one saw a new purpose as memorial lockets.

Finally, people can carry the memory of a loved one, wherever or whenever.

This purpose allowed this jewelry to be a unique memorial gift for someone close.

Perhaps, it is also an “in loving memory” jewelry for a friend dealing with loss. 

evermee memorial necklace designs

What is a memorial locket?

Before asking where you can buy memorial jewelry, let's know what they are.

Regular lockets, as you know them, holds a small portrait or photograph.

They may also contain a lock of hair or a small piece from a note.

You can, in simple terms, use a regular locket to carry important objects associated with a partner or a loved one.

Memorial lockets, unlike regular lockets, have a more specific purpose--they are used to remember the departed.

A memorial locket can also have engravings of a quote or anything relevant to remember them by.

It is a memorial jewelry for the loss of a mother, a father, a sibling, a child, a relative, a friend, or a spouse.

Yes, people die, and we are left to deal with the inescapable hurt and pain.

However, confronting and acknowledging the loss is a step towards healing.

A piece of jewelry that affords us to carry the loving memory of a loved one will help us move forward.

With every glimpse of memorial lockets, you remember the joy they brought to your life.

Memorial lockets are one of those unique memorial gifts that can express your support and thoughts.

At a time of loss and despair, a memorial necklace gift with a picture would be among the most consoling and reassuring gesture.

Where can you get them?

Where can you buy memorial jewelry?

Perhaps, is there a way to make your memorial jewelry?

The thing is, as more consumers crave for them, memorial jewelry or memorial lockets become more and more common and accessible to the average consumer.

There are countless places where you can get a hold of them.

You can purchase memorial jewelry from your trusted accessory store or even have your locket repurposed as a memorial locket.

After all, a memorial locket only differs by its purpose.  

Choosing a Memorial Jewelry

There are many options when it comes to memorial jewelry. There are simple pendants that you can furnish with a name or quotation engravings.

If a name or quotation engraving is too old for you, you can also have memorial lockets with picture engravings.

Lastly, you can also have a memorial locket with a chosen memorabilia.

Memorial jewelry for the loss of a father should reflect the characteristics of the father.

It may be a good idea to choose one with a hint of masculinity that resonates with a man's lifestyle or likings.

Likewise, for people who have lost a mother, memorial jewelry should reflect the character of the late mother.

You can add her birthstone to make the gift a personal touch.

However, keep in mind that as an in loving memory jewelry, the value will remain priceless regardless of its look.

All it needs is a bearer who appreciates the gesture and remembers a person fondly.  

Morning Cloud Necklace – Pink Opal Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Morning Cloud Necklace – Pink Opal Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Morning Cloud Necklace – Pink Opal Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Morning Cloud Necklace – Pink Opal Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Morning Cloud Necklace – Pink Opal Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Morning Cloud Necklace – Pink Opal Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Morning Cloud Necklace – Pink Opal Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Morning Cloud Necklace – Pink Opal Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Morning Cloud Necklace – Pink Opal Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée

Morning Cloud Necklace – Pink Opal Gemstone


Imagine the look on her face when you first scan the necklace and surprise her with a cute photo that sits inside this stunning necklace! You'll feel like a magician who just conjured awe into the face of someone you dearly love. 

The Pink Opal gemstone in the center of this necklace encourages her heart to open up to and to release fears.

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Modern Memorial Lockets 

If you thought that memorial lockets for pictures are outdated pieces of jewelry, then I suggest you continue reading.

Evermée, a recently established jewelry company, has made a revolution to the classic locket.

A locket can look plain, but it can have the features of a modern locket. Evermee have various styles for memorial jewelry that you can get.

You can purchase ones with personalized gemstones that look minimalistic and classy. Depending on your taste, you can have pearl gemstones or pink opals.

For the reinvention and modernization of memorial jewelry, Evermée necklaces also incorporate technology in their memorial necklace.

Placing the picture in the memorial jewelry is now digital. You can skip cutting a perfectly fine photograph.

You can even save time by skipping the printing process or going to a print shop. Instead, you can download an app on your phone that you connect with your memorial jewelry.

After a few clicks, you can choose a photo on your phone that that will appear on your memorial jewelry.

It is easy to select and change the picture whenever you want. If you dislike the first picture you selected, then you don't have to cut another photograph.

Simply use the app on your phone.

Memorial lockets for pictures have never been this innovative.

Anyone who receives a memorial necklace with these technological advancements will surely love it.

Moreover, if you can't choose a single picture, then this memorial locket can display more than one photograph.

Evermée's memorial jewelry can also show multiple pictures.

Are you still thinking where you can buy memorial jewelry? Consider a company, like Evermée, who’ll aid in your quest for a unique memorial gift.

Memorial lockets help remember loved ones, despite the time they have been away.

I hope that a memorial necklace can make you remember how they lived a happy life and how they influenced you.

Coping is difficult, but if memorial lockets for pictures can help with the healing, then so be it.

If that’s what it takes to wake up with a better mindset, then a memorial locket it is.

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