Matching Sister Necklaces: All You Need To Know

by Gerrit from evermée
Matching Sister Necklaces


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  • Sister Necklaces For Every Sister
  • Evermée - The Perfect Sister Necklaces
  • Sister Necklaces For 2
  • Sister Necklaces For 3
  • Sister Necklaces For 4
  • Sister Necklaces For 5
  • Matching Sister Necklaces: Gift For Every Occasion. 
  • When Is The Right Time To Give Your Sister A Gift?
  • Conclusion
Matching Necklaces

"Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

A phrase which I would strongly beg to differ.

Especially when talking about sister necklaces.

I don’t know why almost everyone thinks that women are obsessed with having diamonds.

Well of course, since in this millennium almost everyone believes.

That in order for you to be accepted by society.

You have to wear at least one diamond stone on your body.

May it be a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, or what not.


Because diamonds are becoming a social symbol for most people.

But what they don’t actually know is that – women don't need diamonds for validation.

A simple sister gift would actually do the trick in order for women to feel important and validated.

You want to know what they truly treasure and value?

Women value a sister – a girl’s true best friend, more than diamonds.

And what better way to express your love for your best friend.

Than to get her matching sister necklaces.

For example as a big sister gift!

Matching Necklaces

Matching Sister Necklaces For Every Sister

What are “Sister necklaces?”, you may ask.

Sister necklaces are basically an identical neck accessory that can be worn by 2, 3, 4 or even 5 sisters.

Yes, you read that right. It can be a Sister Necklaces for 5 as well.

“Why would it be a sister necklace when I could get my best friend matching friendship bracelets or even matching shirts?”

It’s simply because a jewelry brand.

Has resurfaced, and created revolutionary, high-definition necklaces for sisters.

Jewelry I know for sure, you’ll fancy.

Full Moon Necklace – Mother of Pearls Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Full Moon Necklace – Mother of Pearls Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Full Moon Necklace – Mother of Pearls Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Full Moon Necklace – Mother of Pearls Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Full Moon Necklace – Mother of Pearls Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Full Moon Necklace – Mother of Pearls Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Full Moon Necklace – Mother of Pearls Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Full Moon Necklace – Mother of Pearls Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Full Moon Necklace – Mother of Pearls Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée

Full Moon Necklace – Mother of Pearls Gemstone


Imagine the look on her face when you first scan the necklace and surprise her with a cute photo that sits inside this stunning necklace! 

With the Mother of Pearl in the center of this necklace, you're gifting her prosperity and relaxation.

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Evermée - The Perfect Sister Necklaces

Midnight Necklace – Lapis Lazuli Gemstone
8k Gold Plated - Crystal Edition
Morning Cloud Necklace – Pink Opal Gemstone
Dreamland Edition – Purple
Full Moon Necklace

For you to formally get to know the brand, let me elaborate on what Evermée is.

Evermée is the brand where you get the chance to experience jewelry on a whole new level.

We create lockets that are unorthodox.

Yes, classic lockets are still in, but this brand right here just revolutionized jewelry.

They produce a high-tech locket, that can be necklaces for sisters.

It lets you upload a picture of your choosing into the locket.

Want to hear the most amazing part?

You can change the picture on your Evermée locket from anywhere, anytime you want.

YES! You read that right – anytime you want.

So, why am I here talking about Evermée anyway?

Just one reason why - because Evermée is the perfect locket brand to get for your sister necklace.

  • No need to cut out photos from your old album.
  • No need for the hassle of interchanging photos.
  • No need to waste your time choosing gifts for your sister.
  • No need to allocate more cash, since Evermée is budget-friendly.

To sum it all up, this brand has it all.

There are 6 gemstones to choose upon.

With that being said, you have a variety of options for big sister necklaces for 3 or even for 5.

Can we just take a little moment and appreciate this wonderful creation?

Gifts for your big sister will not be just a regular thing anymore.

This might be the new trend for sister necklaces.

May it be on the gift for sister list or on the front page of Vogue magazine.

Being worn by Kylie and Kendall Jenner or some famous fashion twins.

Making it a fashion statement.

Once it's catching momentum, there won't be any stopping these guys.

I bet you this, if you’re trying to find the perfect gift for your sister.

Evermée is the brand to choose.

You might think that my definition of this brand is over the top.

But hear me out and I’m sure you’ll agree to what I just said.

Sister Necklaces For 2

Sister Necklaces For 2

If you are a boy who grew with two sisters,

Or If you are a girl with one lovely sister,

Or If you know two sweet sisters by any chance.

Then all of you must have realized.

At some point or another.

How crazy and beautiful is the bond of two sisters.

They fight, they cry.

But in the end, they love and care for each other.

For them, a matching sister necklace is a perfect gift.

Sister Necklaces For 3

Sister Necklaces For 3

I could only imagine how fun it would be to grow with three sisters.

They Fight, They Love, They Care.

But, in the end, it’s all about the memories they create.

There is nothing more beautiful than watching these sisters.

Wearing matching sister necklaces.

That will always remind them of their bond and memories.

Because the Evermée memories necklace is not only beautiful and charming.

But it can also store memories inside.

Sister Necklaces For 4

Sister Necklaces For 4

Well! A sister could be your preferred playmate.

All-time protector. Or most importantly, your favorite friend.

Whatever she is, she’ll always be someone close to you.

The bond four sisters share is not easy to express in words.

Since they all play a unique role.

One sister can be the protector who protects.

While some other sister could be an MMA fighter who always fights.

But whatever their role is, in the end.

Their bond is eternal and has to be cherished.

After all, sisters are amazing!

So, for these lovely sisters.

Matching sister necklaces can remind them of their unforgettable memories.

Sister Necklaces For 5

Sister Necklaces For 5

Well, consider yourself lucky if you have grown with 4 or 5 other sisters.

Or if by any chance you know someone who has five sisters.

Not many people on this Earth.

Are lucky to experience and share this love.

To make this exceptional love everlasting.

Matching necklaces for these sisters could be the way to go.

Even when all your sisters are not together.

The necklace will remind each one of them of the common bond they share.

Matching Necklaces – A gift for your sister on every occasion. 

Choosing a gift alone for any person is difficult.

How much more if you’re finding the perfect gift for your sister?

Man, I bet it will be troublesome.

Especially if she is your twin.

On top of that there are a ton of events that you have to look for sister gifts.

So you need something flexible.

And the wonderful thing about jewelry is that you can gift matching necklaces.

On almost every occasion.

matching sister necklace for big sister

Our pink opal edition

Matching Necklaces

Our turquoise edition

When is the right time to give your sister a gift?

Is it your sister’s birthday?

You can find out her birthstone an see what type of jewelry is out there using this gemstone.

Finding a gift for Valentine’s Day?

Do you have a single sister whose pain you want to lower?
Well, we all like shiny things, don't we. 

I'm sure a personal jewelry piece will make her smile anytime.

Your big sister just gave birth, and you’re having trouble looking for the perfect gift for her newborn triplets?

Purchase your nieces some sister necklaces for 3.

Confused on what perfect gift you’ll get for your sisters on Christmas?

Buy matching sister necklaces for 5 or however many girls you are.
And if you've got a brother... well, he'll understand.

Need a wedding gift for your sister?

An elegant locket with a photo of you two inside would be too cute!

Having a hard time choosing a Best Friend Forever Anniversary gift?

You know what they say: Side by side or miles apart, sisters will always be connected by heart!

Especially if there is a sister necklace with a photo of you two close to her heart.

Celebratory gift for a new add-on to the group?

Buying sister necklaces for 3 will be a great choice.

Your best friend is moving to a different place, and you want to give her
something that symbolizes your friendship?

Give her a sister necklace, for sure she won’t forget you. 

To Wrap It Up,

Matching Necklaces

For many more unmentioned occasions and bonds.

Evermée’s locket would also be a perfect present.

As simple as it may visually appear.

These necklaces for your sister carry a lot of meaning.

Given the fact that you can change the photo in your locket easily.

This will give your sister comfort knowing that you both wear the same jewelry.

Especially if you are miles apart.

This would also be a great step forward.

Especially if you want to get close to your sister and just work your way through it.

Well, I know by now you already have this gift for your sister in mind.

If you’re still a little bit undecided on whether to buy necklaces for your sister or not.

Let me just remind you that sister gifts, whatever it may be, will always stay special.

May it be, sister necklaces for 3 or just, you know, a simple sister gift.

As long as it came from your heart.

The “sister gift” that you will give to your sister will surely be appreciated.

Because the endpoint is, it’s not the material things that a woman value.

It’s the attitude, consistency, and loyalty. It’s the person itself.

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