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Lockets – Where to Buy Them?

Today it's all about lockets: Where To Buy Them?

Lockets are one of the most personal jewelry.

It is a sentimental piece often associated with romance and other forms of deep relationships.

This elegant accessory, usually of gold or silver, protects and hides a tiny photo of a loved one.

Typically, people wear lockets as a necklace.

But nowadays, you can find them in the form of locket rings, locket bracelet, and locket brooches.

Apart from that, the new generation of this ornament now includes floating lockets, prayer box lockets, musical lockets, leather bag lockets, locket charm necklace, and more. 

Before we come to the solution of where to buy lockets, we'll

What Is A Locket Charm?

Locket charms are the new era of lockets—they are incredibly popular, and many people hope to receive one as a gift.

Even some of the famous superstars own locket charms due to its uniqueness and priceless memories enveloped within. 

Instead of inserting a photo, others use locket charms as keepsakes.

These lockets come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

The most commonly used pieces are hearts, birthstones, and letters.
The charm inside the locket generally depends on the size and shape of the accessory.


lockets where to buy them

Where To Buy Lockets?

You can find a wide array of lockets sold in many physical and online stores around the world.

These can cost from a few bucks up to thousands of dollars depending on the quality and material used.

But where to buy them?

One can't help but ponder whether it is best to buy such valuable items in physical retail stores or online shops.

And if you find yourself stuck in the middle of this decision, listed below are the advantages and disadvantages of these options.


lockets where to buy jewelry shop near me

Lockets: Where to Buy – Retail Jewelry Shop Near Me

There are advantages and disadvantages to buying your jewelry at a local shop.


Advantages of Buying a Locket Offline

Those who buy jewelry the traditional way walk into stores to purchase.

A typical case here could be parents who are looking for a graduation gift for their daughter.

Their opinion would say that it's better to keep doing it this way instead of buying online.

And here is a handful of reasons why:


Getting A Personal Feel and Quality Inspection

Nothing beats the feeling of holding the jewelry and see if it is worth the money or not.

Moreover, you can carefully examine its quality and make sure that there are no defects before you pay and happily walk out of the store. 

Plus: You don't HAVE to buy offline, just because you tried it out.

You can still go online and buy there.

Face To Face Assistance

Many times, buyers walk into a store, not knowing what they really want.

This scenario calls for the aid of helpful jewelry salespersons who are usually happy to answer questions and assist throughout the inquiry. 

Disadvantages of buying a locket at a retail shop

Although it seems like buying from a physical store is a practical choice, there are still some downsides that one must consider before making a decision.

Lockets: Where to Buy – Limited Choices

Most shops only sell items they have on display.

You may have seen their wide array of collections in an advertisement, but the branch near you may not have that specific item you saw.

This situation may force you to settle for something else if you don't have the time to drive to another city just to get the design you want.

Limited Time To Choose

When in a shop, people always have that notion of finding something to buy as quick as they could.

This circumstance may arise if there are too many customers in the shop, and every salesperson is busy attending to each customer's inquiry.

With this, buyers may have little time to inspect the goods while attendees can't assist them much longer.

Too Expensive

Many luxury jewelry shops showcase an overrated collection with insane price tags.

Although the authenticity of the materials used raises the cost, it does not justify the stratospheric prices of branded accessories.

As many would wise, and thrifty consumers would say, you get to pay more for the name, not the actual item itself.

And it is true – you pay for the brand, the shop rent, the electricity, the service employees, and much more.

That's why online jewelers can offer the same quality at lower prices.


lockets where to buy online

Buying From An Online Jewelry Shop

An alternative to purchasing from your local retail shop is to go online, find whatever you want there, and have it delivered to your door.

This comes with advantages, but also some disadvantages.


Advantages of Buying a Locket Online

There's a decent share of benefits and downsides in buying jewelry online, as much as buying at physical stores.

As for the advantages of this option, there's a lot of new reasons which make it a promising pick.

Shop With Ease

Convenience appears as the key reason why consumers purchase their goods online. 

With online jewelry shopping, you get access to the brand's whole catalog anywhere and at the most comfortable time.

Now, you don't need to fall in a long queue of customers, especially when there's a huge sale going on.

Browse Lockets Non-Stop

By shopping online, the whole item list is right in front of you.

A decent eCommerce store showcases a clean line up of collection and categories to make it easier for any online visitor.

Unlike walking into an intimidating and bustling boutique, you can take all the time you need.

And you can leave your cart to buy in next time when you are sure about it.

After-Sale Support Is Easier

Online stores usually invest in a robust online support system and processes.

As such, one can quickly expect assistance when they encounter issues with the item they bought.

Most websites have a live chat support function to provide help to those who have inquiries before or after the sales.

Disadvantages of Buying Online

While online shops are the future, even for the jewelry niche, there are drawbacks in buying goods online.

Especially if one is not careful when doing so.

Online Scams

New websites sprout here and there with all their advertisements rife in social media.

While not everyone would run away with your money, many stores sell overpriced items through their persuasive and clickbait ads.

Always check independent feedback about the store or its products. 

For added protection, purchase through sites with PayPal as payment gateway option.

PayPal follows a strict set of guidelines and will refund the money of those who did not get their products or those who received items that are not what you expect they would be.


Shipment Problems

Out of stock, harsh weather conditions, holidays, government suspension, virus outbreak, etc. — these are some of the many reasons why your package will arrive late.

Depending on the store, your order might come from different corners of the world.

And this could be a real bummer if ever you would need to return/exchange items.

To set your expectations, read all the details posted in their shipping and return policy pages.

Stores usually post the estimated time of arrival and also advise buyers if there would be a delay due to an influx of customer orders. 

Always check if you receive the order confirmation and shipping confirmation.

If you haven't received any of these, it's best to notify the seller by contacting their customer support email or hotline.

At evermée, you won't have this problem since we ship from Florida and also accept returns there.


Lockets: Where to Buy & What to Expect

Some ads are incredibly tricky.

Always check the item reviews and the company's reputation through scam alert websites.

For issues with quality, you can always ask for a refund through the store's customer support channels.

If you happen to have problems with their responsiveness, you can escalate the issue through PayPal.

While the above risks are always present when it comes to purchasing jewelry items online, you should know what to do before buying and what you can do as a consumer.

PayPal accredited stores are guaranteed and regulated, so make sure to check if the shop accepts PayPal before spending time browsing their catalog.

Evermée ensures a safe transaction through its encrypted website with SSL certification.

This site assurance means that your credit card details remain private and won't be visible to the merchant/seller.

Also, evermée is PayPal accredited for an additional layer of security.


lockets where to buy print lockets pictures

Who Prints Locket Size Photos?

Locket-size photo printing service is something you will need when you purchase a locket.

Most of the time, online shops offer printing a locket photo for free so they can ship the jewelry with the picture already fixated inside.

It’s not that hard to find studios that can provide photo-printing for lockets near me.

Below are some of the companies that offer locket sized photos and corresponding prices.

  • Max Speilman, in partnership with Tesco ($6.57)
  • Phopar ($2.25)
  • Oddprints ($4.99)

But, why go through all this nuisance if you can opt-out of the old ways of printing locket sized photos and go paperless?

With Evermée's technology, save a soft copy of the best memorable photo in the locket.

When activated through NFC, the picture gets shown in high resolution on your phone screen.

The photo quality is much better than the one of traditional lockets. 

Moreover, you can conveniently change the photos without touching the jewelry and possibly damaging the old picture inside.

That's how incredibly modern and brilliant evermée lockets are!


Lockets: Where to Buy – Best Solution

There are many types of lockets made for everyone’s taste.

But nowadays, there's more than just design — a piece of awe-inspiring and tech-infused jewelry you can get conveniently through online shopping.

Evermée brings you high-quality lockets having a subtle touch of tech, with assured shipping and secured payment options.

Whether that special someone owns a locket or not, why not take this opportunity to give her an evermée digital locket and surprise her with jewelry she hasn’t seen before?

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