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Lockets For Little Girls

Lockets for little girls have become quite popular.

Rightly so.

Lockets For Little Girls: A Hot Topic Today

In today’s age of social media, holding a photo of a loved one as a keepsake has lost a lot of its meaning.

Anytime you wish to see a picture of a loved one, it is as easy as pulling up Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media site.

You can quickly browse through all the photos and videos to your heart's content.

However, there is something nostalgic and special about owning a locket.

Especially to those humans who stay away from social media.

This timeless piece of jewelry provides enough space where you can keep a picture or any other keepsake of a loved one.

Lockets are mostly a unisex piece of jewelry and are suitable for any gender.

While wearing these necklaces is not bound by rules, there is quite a feminine appearance to traditional lockets.

And this is what makes lockets a special gift for your sweet little girl.


Lockets For Little Girls – When to Gift


lockets for little girls present

Whether it’s for a birthday party, the first day in school, or any other occasion, a locket for little girls makes a beautiful gift.

This jewelry will complete their princess costumes, which is something every young girl would want to experience.

There are plenty of options to choose from when looking for lockets for little girls.

Some may say that the best pieces of jewelry are the ones made with quality materials such as gold and silver.

However, the design is the element of the content that makes the biggest statement.

Young girls also love a more in-depth explanation about the item they received.

Locket charms may seem to have a quick answer to that, as parents can reason that this accessory brings good luck.

Another belief passed from generation to generation is that these charms protect people from harmful elements.

But with the new tech swiftly changing society's views, it's relatively easy to dismiss these old tenets.

And if it happens, the charm loses its meaning and purpose.

As such, it is safe ground to give little girls a more realistic intent behind the locket gift — preserve memories and access them whenever they miss that special someone.

Digital lockets are perfect lockets for little girls due to its simplistic style and function that suits the modern world.

The evermée memories necklace, for example, carries a digital copy of a picture that will show on the phone screen after a tap, touch, or hover.

This new tech is something you won't see from the jewelry of other brands.

Silver Lockets For Little Girls

Earlier, people believed silver to bestow subtle strength, relaxation, and to purify the spirit.

This precious metal plays a vital role in barters, usually exchanged for premium porcelain and silk.

Another popular lore says that it can fend off vampires and other dangerous creatures.

It certainly makes your little girl sleep better when she knows that the latter ones can't cause her any harm because she is wearing a locket from her mom or dad.

Today, silver serves as a hard asset with lesser value than gold and platinum.

Moreover, it signifies dignity, self-control, and status, which still makes it an essential metal at this time.

Silver makes a breath-taking accessory, especially for little girls.

The difference between silver and sterling silver might confuse you, so let go ahead and have a short description. 

Sterling silver is a kind of alloy created when copper combines with pure silver.

Sterling silver is around 92 percent pure silver, which means that this metal mixture is eight percent copper.

Incorporating copper enhances the durability of the alloy, making it sturdier compared to pure silver.

On the other hand, pure silver is about 99.9% silver content and is too soft to use in jewelry.

Here at evermée, we use 100% recycled Sterling Silver so that we leave almost no environmental footprint.


Lockets For Little Girls – Types

There are different types of silver lockets for little girls:

  • Floating lockets
  • Traditional lockets
  • Hair lockets 
  • Digital lockets
  • Charm lockets

The Evermée Silver Locket is a digital locket made of recycled 92.5% sterling silver, offering high-quality jewelry while protecting the environment at the same time.

Its ability to store a digital photo and simplicity would make little girls hold it close to their hearts all the time.

Gold Lockets For Little Girls

You can never go wrong with gold or gold vermeil.

This is a perfect choice when it comes to lockets for little girls.

When most people think of gold, they might start thinking about yellow gold. 

However, there are three types of gold: yellow, white, and rose.

The variety of colors is also what makes it a popular choice. 

Yellow gold is naturally occurring, and just like silver, smiths and jewelry manufacturers combine it with zinc and copper to craft a more hardened metal.

Palladium or nickel mixed with pure gold in order to give it a color close to silver or platinum is commonly known as white gold.

Meanwhile, rose gold is an alloy that includes around 25 percent copper giving it a pinkish color.

Gold is durable and can last for generations.

However, practice caution when it comes to the amount of carat used.

A piece of jewelry with only 14k gold is of low quality and won't last long.

An ideal choice would be a piece made out of at least 18k vermeil gold like the evermée products.

Evermée produces authentic and high-quality gold lockets for little girls.

These may serve as one heirloom relic your princess can pass onto the next generation and so on.

Heart Lockets For Little Girls

heart lockets for little girls

It is not difficult to notice that heart shapes are widespread when it comes to lockets.

After all, the figure holds a deep meaning.

The heart symbolizes deep love and is the exact message that comes across when presented as a gift.

Just like adults, it is easy for little girls to fall in love with heart shapes or anything that has a heart on it.

It makes a gorgeous gift for your little girl, and it never goes out of style.

Thus, it always works as a theme, and young girls will treasure such gifts for years to come.

Beautiful locket charms are widespread online, and you can easily find heart-shaped jewelry pieces with various colors and materials.

Even your local ensemble shop may have a collection of such items.

If you want your daughter to wear something different, try the full moon or half-moon pendants of Evermée.

Despite the absence of a love symbol, the function that keeps memories safe is what will keep the item worth treasuring. 


There are several options to check when choosing the perfect locket for your little girl.

When it comes to gifts, it is no surprise that parents would want to get their special little girl the best meaningful gift there is.

Parents would often consider the design, material, price tag, etc.

If ever you decide to gift jewelry as a gift to a young girl, pick something that can withstand different situations.

At the same time, advise the princess to take care of the locket, which is as rare as treasures everyone tries to find in fairy tales. 

With Evermée, you can get stunning lockets for little girls without the need to print a copy of an image.

The brand is proud to present its collection capable of showing high-quality photos in a smartphone through touch. 

Evermée's jewelry pieces make great keepsakes, graduation gifts, mother's day presents, and unique lockets for little girls.

Teach these young women how to value and take care of memories, so they, too, could spread the thoughtfulness and love to those who are special to them.

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