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Jewelry Gifts For The Silver Wedding of Parents

Jewelry Gifts For The Silver Wedding of Parents

There is a question that many grown ups ask themselves:

What's an appropriate gift for the silver wedding of your parents?

A fine jewelry locket makes a great silver wedding gift for your parents. 

But before I'll tell you why this is so true, let's take a step back first and have a look at what a silver wedding really is.


What is a silver wedding?

People traditionally celebrate their silver wedding when they have reached 25 years of marriage together. 

Your parents celebrate that they would give each other the yes-word again, even after so many years. 

For example, famous actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were lucky enough to celebrate this special anniversary in 2013. 

25 years is a long time, which is why the silver wedding is so special to many people - including your parents!

After all, it's not an everyday occurrence. 


silver wedding gift jewelry locket


What to gift parents for their silver wedding?

Now, it makes total sense to gift something truly special to cherish this special day, doesn't it?

Especially for you as the child of the fortunate anniversary couple who celebrate their silver wedding. 

You of all people are probably amongst the few ones that know the most about your parents. 

This gives you the opportunity to gift your parents something that touches their heart and makes them smile. 

And this is where a jewelry locket comes in!


Why is jewelry is the perfect gift for the silver wedding?

In the middle ages, silver jewelry was already associated with a long-standing marriage.

The durability and brilliance of this metal made it the perfect fit to cherish special occasions, like a 25 year long marriage. 

We couldn't agree more!

However, we think that regular jewelry as a silver wedding gift for your parents isn't at the pulse of time anymore. Not with all the new technology out there.

This is why we recommend you to gift your mother and father a digital locket for their special anniversary :)


silver wedding gift jewelry locket modern 2020


THE best silver wedding gift - a locket!

As mentioned before – you are one of the human beings on this earth that probably know a lot about the happy couple that celebrate their silver wedding.

They are your parents after all. 

This means that you can pinpoint what moments were truly special for them in those past 25 years. 

More often than not, there are photo memories of those moments somewhere ... you just have to find those photos and put the best one into a locket and voilà – you just created a very affectionate gift. 


Why modern lockets are better than traditional ones

Now, a locket is a nice gesture already. 

However, you have to use a printed photo for traditional lockets. That wouldn't be so bad if the photo wouldn't have to be so very small in order to fit into the locket.

It's hard to even find a shop that prints such tiny photos in good quality. 

Another downside of the tiny photo is that you can barely recognize faces or landscapes. 

Also, it's quite annoying to exchange the photo in a traditional locket.

So why not get your parents a new-age locket like the evermée one for their silver wedding?

You can simply take a new snap of your parent's favorite photo memory (if it's an old one) or choose a digital photo from your phone and upload it straight into the new-age locket!

And when they trigger the photo memory from their evermée locket, the photo will pop up on their phone screen in high quality with vivid colors.

They'll instantly be taken back to the moment when it was taken.

This wasn't the best part though!

The best part is that you can give your dad the upload link to the locket and he will be able to change the photo memory on the locket of your mom by uploading a new one photo memory whenever he wants. 

Your gift will never get old – you just gifted them a modern locket that they can use as a love messenger and their relationship can continue to flourish even deeper.


best silver wedding gift jewelry locket modern 2020


What gemstone should I get?

Gifting jewelry is never easy – we get it!

You can go wrong so easily by choosing the wrong color or wrong material.

Some people prefer silver jewelry and others like gold much better. 

So how do you decide which one to get your parents for their silver wedding?

Well, just ask...

Not your parents, your best bet would be your mom's best friend. If you already know your mom well enough, you can just go ahead and select the best one for her :)

And here is a promise from us to you – you can simply exchange the silver wedding locket in case either your mom or your dad don't like it!


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