Inspirational Gifts: A Guide To Uplift Anyone Going Through A Hard Time

by priyanshu rawat
Inspirational Gifts: A Guide To Uplift Anyone Going Through A Hard Time


  • Intro
  • Life Is A Roller Coaster!
  • Gifts That Inspire
  • Take Them For A Short Walk
  • Make Them Relieve Their Best Moments
  • Ask Them To Bury The Shame
  • Give Them Your 100% Attention
  • Give Compliments! Make Them Feel Good
  • Avoid Saying These Statements
  • Conclusion

ave you ever been on a roller coaster ride?

With people screaming everywhere.


In back, front, on every side.

It feels as if you are on top of the world.

With the wind gushing through your hair.

You can feel your blood pumping through your veins.

It is an experience filled with exhilaration and excitement.

The roller coaster elevates and swiftly passes through sharp curves.

And even as it climbs, we dread the fall.

Suddenly comes the moment.

The machine prepares to plunge fiercely.

It is then you realize fear has kicked in, and we shout our lungs out!

With our hearts pounding rapidly, we feel uneasy.

But at that very moment.

If the one sitting with us says:

Are you okay? It’s nothing. Just sit tight.

We know we are not going anywhere.

Life Is A Roller Coaster!

Gifts That Inspire

Life is like a roller coaster!


Life literally.... is precisely like a roller coaster.

We go up, and then we go down.

While some of us relish the highs, others dread the lows. 

In this ride, often, people we care about, they struggle.

Whether it is their –

        - Illness

        - Mental distress

        - Struggling relationship

        - Financial hardship or any other personal trial.

I am sure you want to help in whatever way you can.

In this post, we will be sharing some inspirational gifts.

That will encourage them to fight back and give their 100%!

Some of these gifts might not have a physical form.

But they will indeed have a constructive influence.

Without wasting any time.

Let’s dive straight in to discuss gifts that inspire.

Gifts That Inspire

Take Them For A Short Walk

Gifts That Inspire

Nothing can beat a short stroll.

If not alone, then with someone you care and love.

If the one close to you is struggling in their hard times.

Then have a walk with them.

Natural light will boost their mood.

After all, nature is the most extraordinary form of gift that inspires.

It relieves anxiety and depression.

Make Them Relieve Their Best Moments

Gifts That Inspire

Memories and moments are the best sort of inspiration for anyone facing hardships.

Memorable reminiscence not only inspires but also gives us a reason to fight.

These memories can be anything depending on the situation and source of inspiration for that person.

For someone who is struggling in their career, it can the memory of one of their achievements.

While for someone else struggling in a relationship, it can be a happy picture of their loved one.

Anything that makes the person relieve their best moments will make them feel inspired.

At evermée, we have realized that we humans are driven by memories.

Reliving a memory can channel new mental and physical energy.

While giving that person the strength and source of inspiration that they might be seeking.

Our memories necklace is one of the best inspirational gifts out there.

Surprise them with an evermée necklace having a photo of their best inspirational moment.

Unlike other conventional necklaces.

The evermée necklace is a modern piece of jewelry that can store photos digitally.

You can even change the photos remotely to feel connected with that person in their tough times.

Not only that, the person can feel inspired at all times.

By carrying their memories with them in the form of a stunning necklace.

Watch How The Memories Necklace Works

Download the evermée app
(available on Google & Apple)

Scan the gemstone
of your necklace with your phone.

Your photo memory appears
on the screen of your phone.

memories necklace digital locket review

Ask Them To Bury The Shame

Inspirational Gifts For Him

Sometimes people are going through distressing times.

Worry a lot about what people around them would think.

We all know how trivial these thoughts are and how little do they matter.

But still, for the one who is already struggling, such feelings can provoke more pain and suffering.

As a friend, lover, son, husband, parent, whatever you are to that person.

It is your duty to tell them IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT PEOPLE THINK.

It’s you who would have to make them realize It’s OKAY to be crazy, selfish, or unreasonable.

Help them pretend that life is just a roller coaster.

There will be climbs.

And for sure some big falls like this.

So, tell them instead of wondering about other people’s state of mind.

Focus on your well-being.

Trust us. This would be no less than gifts that inspire.

Give Them Your 100% Attention

Inspirational Gifts For Her

Don't indulge in your phone, computer, or anything else.

Listen to the person who’s having a tough time.

Support them without judging.

Just be with them, be all ears.

Don’t offer your suggestions unless they ask.

Scientifically speaking, when the person you adore is having a hard time.

Chances are, they might feel lonely.

So, by giving your 100% attention.

That person would feel supported and connected.

Selfless intentions like these are one of the best inspirational gifts.

Give Compliments! Make Them Feel Good

Inspirational Gifts

Who doesn’t like to be praised?

We all do, right?

Especially when we are going through hardships, we crave compliments.

If any person you adore or care for is having a tough time.

Them compliments can be the unsurpassed gifts of inspiration for them.

In hardships, people often self-criticize themselves leading to anxiety and depression.

When someone close to them reminds them of their good, they feel uplifted.

Thus remind the struggling person of their talents, strengths, and positive attributes.

Avoid These Statements (Offer Inspirational Gifts Instead)

Inspirational Gifts

Sometimes, when people around us are stressed.

We inadvertently say things that can make things worse.

So here are a few phrases that should be avoided when trying to help someone.

There will always be another opportunity. 

This phrase minimizes a loss (of a relationship, a job, etc.).

It can make the person feel more guilty.

I cannot imagine what you are going through.

This statement can make the person feel unseen and isolated.

Let the person give a chance to explain what they are going through.

Here’s what you should do.

Unless the person asks for your advice, avoid giving it.

Focus on their feelings and not on the solutions.

Things could have been worse. 

When someone is having a time, it doesn’t matter if things can get worse or not.

What matters is how they are at the moment.

I have been through the same thing.

It’s possible you’ve been through a similar experience.

But never assume that it's affecting them in the same manner as it affected you.


No doubt! Life is a roller coaster.

It takes you to both highs and lows.

If the person close to you is struggling in this roller coaster ride.

Then the best thing you can do is to find inspirational gifts for them.

Gifts that inspire can help them cope with this ride.

One such inspirational gift is the stunning evermée necklace.

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